From the start in 1878, the wood company Cras has been a family business. The corporation has a headquarter in Waregem and already exists for more than 130 years in the wood sector. The company has its own import department, a wide production factory and a distribution network of 12 domestic branches. Those branches work for wood specialists and consumers, who are searching for solutions for their project.

Ronny Callant, IT Manager of Cras, explains why they chose SmartShare Email Signature.

A nice communication tool

"We needed a uniform and fast system to sign our emails, and SmartShare eMail Signature was the perfect solution to fit that need. Besides, we can add extra information to our emails: a banner, logo, video, links, etc. This way all our customers are being informed if there are new activities, new products, publicity, etc."

Automatic configuration in the inbox of the end-user

"The nice part of SmartShare eMail Signature is that we can offer each employee a centralised and automated configuration. With a single click on the button, a signature with your details and extra information will be added to your email.

"You can present a banner for each department. For example, the sales team of wooden floors makes use of a certain signature (for example an image of a project), while the team of facade covering applies another signature. We can change this anytime for each department and each employee within the company. You can hereby choose the preferred period (start and end date) and the language for each employee."

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