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For any company using IBM i, the database is the spider in the web. SQL plays an important role in this process with the help of ODBC/JDBC. 

The performance of SQL benefits from the creation of indexes, advised by the Index Advisor. These additional indexes will certainly improve SQL performance but generally the Index Advisor remains unchanged by the absence of a database engineer. 

In this webinar Rudi van Helvoirt will explain the use cases of the IBM i index advisor, show it's capacities and show you in a short demonstration how AutoDBE works and what advantages can be gained.
Are you looking for: 

  • increased performance of IBM i and SQL requests
  • a fully automated process where indexes can always be removed during application maintenance without affecting IBM i applications
  • an ability which removes indexes during application maintenance for performance reasons and can recreate them automatically afterwards

Then Auto DBE, an Automatic Database Engineer powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a particularly interesting tool for you. 

Wondering what this tool can do for you? Then register for free for this short webinar. 

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Rudi van Helvoirt - EASI

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Fabio Griffet - EASI

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