Behind Closed Doors... What's in for me? 

With the world moving towards digitization and everything becoming more connected, Cyber Security has become a major concern for everyone. 

The Behind Closed Doors seminar is a business enriching/development event covering the latest trends and development in Cyber Security, while also providing a meeting place to network and form new partnerships. The Behind Closed Doors event features a wide range of disruptive technologies that can potentially improve the cyber resilience of your enterprise infrastructure and operations, as well as offering multiple solutions to various challenges you are facing as IT Professional.

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Discover our partners

Cato Networks provides a cloud security platform for extended enterprise networks. The Cato Cloud platform combines network security, WAN connectivity and application monitoring in one cloud-based service. Companies can simplify their security infrastructure and save costs. Cato uses SD-WAN, Web gateway security, secure remote access and application security to provide protection against internal and external threats.

Cato Networks

Cymulate offers an automated platform for testing security measures in organizations. It uses simulations to identify vulnerabilities and offers modules for email, endpoint, network, and web application security. The platform is used globally and has received awards for its innovative approach.


Fortinet protects people, devices, and data everywhere with the Security Fabric platform. It provides automated protection for the entire digital attack surface, including critical devices, data, applications, and network connections. More than 635,000 customers rely on Fortinet's solutions worldwide. The Fortinet NSE Training Institute also offers comprehensive cybersecurity training.


EfficientIP simplifies network management with DDI services, ensuring accurate data control and secure access. It reduces errors, automates tasks, and enhances security through early attack detection and adaptive countermeasures, promoting efficient network operations.

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Netwrix provides information security and compliance management solutions through software tools that can monitor, manage, and secure IT infrastructure. The company offers products such as Netwrix Auditor, Netwrix Data Classification, and Netwrix Password Manager to help organizations strengthen the security of their IT infrastructure and comply with regulations and compliance requirements.


Rapid7 is a cybersecurity and risk management company that helps organizations secure and manage their IT infrastructure. The Rapid7 Insight platform provides security solutions such as vulnerability management, incident detection and response, application security, and compliance management. In short, Rapid7 provides solutions to protect organizations from security risks and effectively manage their IT infrastructure.


SentinelOne is a company that focuses on cybersecurity and provides endpoint security solutions for businesses of all sizes. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect threats and respond quickly to attacks. It protects against various threats, such as malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks. SentinelOne has customers worldwide and is considered a leading company in the cybersecurity industry.