About this webinar

Since the arrival of HCL in the world of Domino, the new versions and evolutions offer a lot of possibilities to answer the most complex needs in a very efficient way and in a minimum of time

The official launch of Domino v12 is an opportunity for us to show you everything you need to know about the Notes / Domino platform. By attending this webinar, you will:

Learn how to make the most of all the new features.
Learn how to continue to enjoy the benefits and power of Domino while taking advantage of the capabilities offered by O365.
Learn how to modernize your existing applications with minimal investment and quick ROI.
Get an overview of the new features of our application suite (EASI SmartShare v7.6) and we will present our roadmap for the future.


Welcome - 13 h 00

Special guest from HCL : Andrew Manby
Andrew will review the Domino v12 launch and share HCL's vision for the future.

Reminder of the Domino v11 key features
A summary of the features brought by v11 to make the most of the platform.

A new way of looking at Notes with v12
We will introduce you to a new user experience with increasingly simple and powerful tools.

Connect Domino to Microsoft 365
How to combine the power of both worlds for more efficiency?

Opportunity to modernize or rebuild
Overview of the possibilities to modernize, mobilize or webify your existing applications.

SmartShare v7.6 released: news and roadmap
Get the most of our Notes application suite and keep an eye on what's coming next 

End - 14 h 30

If you are a Notes / Domino user (perhaps in combination with Microsoft 365) and would like to know what the new Domino v12 version can do for you and how Domino and Microsoft co-exist effectively in other organizations? Register for our free webinar without delay.

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