Today's cyber threat landscape is a race against the time. Every moment, new cyber viruses emerge, and every time, cyber solutions need to adapt at lightning speed to stay ahead of them.

Are you able to catch up? 

To get you up to speed, we invite you, together with our partner SentinelOne, to an exclusive security catch-up session. 

Why participate

During the session, SentinelOne experts will help you to catch up through all the novelties in the application, while our cyber experts guide you through the novelties in the cyber threat landscape and show you how to protect against it. 

The central theme? SOC (Security Operations Center) - The future-proof cybersecurity setup for every company, no matter their size. 

In addition to the informative sessions, there is a networking moment and a furiously fast virtual activity provided for the speed busters amongst you. 

Catch me if you can

Each participant in the live event will additionally have the chance to turn this virtual speed experience into a real-life racing experience. A draw amongst the participants will reveal who gets to race around a real racetrack. Will you catch the "grand prix"? 




The Event Lounge - Generaal Wahislaan 16/F, 1030 Schaarbeek


14h00 - Doors open
14h30 - SentinelOne Catch-up session - Novelties 
15h30 - Break
15h45 - SOC - The future-proof security setup
16h45 - Network drink


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