The next session of our webinar series goes further in the Modern Workplace with Microsoft365. The following subjects will be discussed:

Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ingnite is thé Microsoft conference of the year, where all Microsoft's big improvements and strategies are explained. This will mark the upcoming direction of Microsoft for the next year. We will do a recap of the event, explaining you what is important for your digital workplace, hand picked by Easi Consultants!


Everyone is using Teams to chat & video call; and hopefully also collaborate; but the landlines are still in use and phones are forwarded to your employees cell phones as they work from home.
Teams telephony is your solution! We will give you the options, the pro's & also the limitations you should know about.

Still recovering of the NCE licencing switch?

In March, most licences had to switch raply to the NCE licencing model. This was mostly visible in an increased cost for your business. But are you using the right licence, and at the right price? We can help you with this, and will explain how!

Take a next step in digitalisation.

You're ready to go further in digitalisation. But where to start? Let us guide you, with our discovery pack & a starter audit. More info during the webinar!