What will you learn during this workshop?

The IT landscape is changing rapidly. Has your antivirus evolved along with it? 

Get ready for a technical session in which we show you how the threat landscape has evolved in recent years. 

We will show you how quickly advanced malware can penetrate your organization with all its consequences.  

You will discover why signature-based technologies today fail in attacks such as filleless attacks, malicious powershell, ransomware, credential theft, database breaches... And you'll gain more insight into how you can effectively protect your End Points against this type of advanced attacks. 

The session will be given by Pieter-Jan Blaton, technical engineer at Exclusive Networks with more than 10 years of experience in the domain. 

Is this theme topical within your organisation? Are you interested in how Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response go together in one single, light-weight agent? Then this session is definitely something for you!

The session is free, but places are limited, so be sure to sign up for this powerful and dynamic workshop.