Intelligent email integration

E-mails are automatically linked to a task so you don't overlook anything. Say goodbye to copy-pasting e-mails from your old fashioned (shared) inbox.

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Rooftop email integration into tasks

One task. One Story.

One communication flow 

From the first email to the last call: the entire communication flow linked to a task ensures that you can easily check the progress. An incoming call? You'll find everything in just a few clicks. Everything can be logged in one task, whether it be communication with a tenant, owner or supplier. 

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Rooftop history animation in english

Key benefits of using Rooftop

No more searching in your inbox

Avoid losing information or missing deadlines and keep everything in one place. Find the entire history in just a few clicks.

Collaborate easily with everyone

Within one task you can easily discuss with tenants, owners, suppliers and colleagues to make sure you get the job done.

Stay on top

By visualizing tasks, every team member can see which tasks are more important or require more time.

Smart assignment

Automatically assign emails/tasks to the concerned responsible to make sure everything is taken care of by the members of your team.

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Rooftop smart assignment of your tasks

KPI & Statistics of your business

Track and monitor the activity of your team with charts and reports that will visualize your KPI's and help you to improve your business. This can give you an overview by building or unit which helps you to improve your workflow and customer satisfaction. 

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Rooftop statistics

The powerful shared inbox for modern team

Everything your customers and employees need, packed in a handy tool - at an affordable price.

Every team, every case is unique, so we are fully aware that one price doesn't fit all.

Get in touch with our experts and tell them why Rooftop could be a perfect fit for you so you can get it matched to your needs.

*Yearly billed. 

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  • Build workflows
  • Email Notes & Templates
  • Mentioning team members
  • Analytics

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Keep track of everything

Keep an overview of your personal tasks and those of your colleagues. Visualize everything that is going on and set goals and priorities. Improve the way you are managing (co-)properties and reduce stress. 

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Rooftop tasks of your colleagues and priorities

Notify your team members

Thanks to internal comments, you inform each other about current affairs, share the workload and avoid duplication.

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Rooftop notify your colleagues

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