Create shared inbox transparency

No unnecessary loss of time when collaboration is required. Missing out on an email that is trapped inside your colleagues inbox. Rooftop creates transparency between inboxes without losing the privacy of a personal inbox. Get looped in with the whole communication flow and all necessary documents. 

Rooftop shared inbox mobile application

Seamless and lightning fast email collaboration

CC's and BCC were invented to keep others in the loop of ongoing emails. But what they actually do is slowing down your team and drowning them with an overloaded inbox. By @mentioning your colleagues you can work in real time without polluting your inbox. 


Collaboration with internal mentioning

Emails can be collaborative without ticketing

Stay personal as you grow. More customers means more email interactions. Make those interactions spot on with a collaborative email tool that matches your needs. 

Keep your inbox organized

Misted opportunities inside your inbox. Rooftop organizes your (shared) inbox and your team so you always deliver the best possible customer experience. Every email has his owner you can link them manually or automatically with rules. 

Assign emails

Organize and share emails with your team

Get context and bring context to other with tags so the whole team has access to ongoing projects. Bring newcomers up to speeds or give managers a simple overview by unifying all the information. 

Tag your conversations

Email collaboration with extra internal visibility

Sync your back-end

Link customers and suppliers in the same communication flow without having different email chains.

Spend less time searching

See all previous interaction of a customer to get a trace quickly when searching for information.

See where and what to improve

Analyze and understand your team's performance with detailed inbox analytics.

How to get started

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Rooftop in action

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