Can I start using Rooftop on my own?

No. You can take the 14 days free trial period to get a flavor of what Rooftop can do for you, but you can't start using it without contacting us for the setup. This process takes only one business day and you will be up and running. Our mission is to really deliver a tailor-made product that boosts your team to its full potential. That is why we evaluate your case together and set up the perfect Rooftop environment for you and your team members. 

When starting the Rooftop Free trial, one of our success managers will get in touch with you to make sure you truly have an added value trying Rooftop.

Do I need to connect more than one account?

Yes, Rooftop is a collaborative shared inbox that has it's added value when multiple people are working together in one inbox. You can add a shared inbox you are already using or create a new one just for the try-out. Note that when you do this, you have put more energy in writing yourselves emails to the new account to test the environment. 

In which languages is Rooftop available?

Rooftop is available in English, French and Dutch and available all over the world. 

What happens at the end of my trial period?

One of our customer success managers will get in touch with you and evaluate your trial period. If you have the feeling that you haven't got the full potential out of the application or you didn't have time to try it properly, then your trial period can be extended. Or we can arrange a 1h demo to show you how you can streamline your team even more. If you are not convinced, we only ask for feedback to help us improve our shared inbox even more.