The shared inbox that gives context

We get it, configuring Outlook, Gmail or Apple mail as a shared inbox is difficult. Thing is, email wasn't made to collaborate, it was made to communicate and that's what they do. They work fine if you only want to send emails. We took that set-up and added a new dimension. We have made shared inboxes collaborative. 

We open up the gates of emails, unlocking information that is trapped in someone's inbox. Gain visibility and get quicker context without losing the privacy of a personal inbox. This way messages don't get lost and there will be no duplication of work.

shared inbox and personal inbox

Is Cc, Bcc and forwarding emails to colleagues slowing you down? 

When multiple persons have to work in one shared inbox, things get complicated. Nobody knows what the others are doing, have already done or are planning to do.

With Rooftop, all communication comes together in one inbox. Teams are aligned and organized, can work more efficiently and discuss the next steps to make better decisions faster, just by mentioning each other. Collaborate around emails without having to forward them and wait for the answer. You are used to mentioning each other in funny video's, pictures on social media. So it is obvious you can do it in a shared inbox as well. Try it, it is as addictive as checking your inbox all the time.

Collaboration with internal mentioning

Start collaborating and save time thanks to a shared inbox that connects teams and simplifies work.

Turn emails into actions quicker and automate your workday

Build workflows, assign tasks/emails and messages to the right persons by creating rules. What's best about it: you don't have to be a programmer to do so. Without help of your IT-support you can manage, coordinate and organize your shared inbox and personal email address. 

Out of office? Simple route your emails to one of your colleagues! Logged-off? Rooftop will route your messages to someone else and make sure you never miss a critical message. A shared inbox that distributes the workload, but wait: there is more!

Create workflows to auto route shared inboxes

These features might come in handy as well

Canned responses

Ready-to-use emails for the most common questions. 

Overview of statuses

To answer, waiting for reply, urgent, private, etc...

Group easily with tags

Projects & opportunities are easily grouped with custom tags.

Broken chain detection

Rooftop detects broken email chains and alerts you.

Activity timeline

Get a birds-eye view on who is working on what and what is still to do. 

Share drafts

Collaborate on emails and help each other in real-time. 

Inbox analytics

Track metrics, identify areas of improvement and take your team to the next level. 

A shared Inbox must be accessible any place any time

Rooftop shared inbox mobile application

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Rooftop in action

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