Every missed email is a missed opportunity 

Never miss a critical message again. With a shared inbox, you and your team can easily pick up emails or assign them so nothing gets lost or is answered too late. 

Create more visibility as you grow, see who is working on what and stay on top. A shared inbox gives you a birds-eye view over statuses for every email: to reply, urgent, waiting for an answer, you name it. 

Assign emails

Drive sales and customer loyalty

With the contact overview feature, you get insights on your customers, suppliers or stakeholder's previous interactions with your brand

In a blink of an eye, you can see the summary and gain context so you and your teammates can deliver more personalized customer service. Upselling or cross-selling was never so easy. Create a better remarketing strategy based on the insights and boost your e-commerce business. 

Customer profiles to see previous interactions

Canned Responses

Email templates with answers to your most common questions will help you to stay consistent with a personal touch. 

Private notes

Keep private notes or share them by mentioning team members so you can discuss the next steps together. 

Link conversations

Rooftop notifies you when it detects a broken conversation chain and prevents your inbox from being cluttered.

Match shipping partner with customers

Keep the overview of all partners you are working with and link them to questions, emails or even customers. Easily track the progress of for example deliveries or new articles. 

Group all emails in one project to contact both supplier and customer separately but keeping the overview in one communication flow. Stop switching between different interfaces or platforms when you can all manage it within your shared inbox. 

Rooftop shipping partners

Deliver a better customer experience without having to work harder

Increase your performance with analytic insights

Measure what matters to most with Rooftop's analytic reports. See where your team can go on auto-pilot or where you can improve your team to answer faster and deliver more. 

Be where your customers are - be mobile

Awesome customer service, any place, any time. The all-in-one tool that grows with your team and builds loyal customers. An empty inbox makes happy customers and happy employees.

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