Collaborate around emails and make a strong brand

Rooftop makes your shared inbox manageable again. Email was made to communicate, not to collaborate. With Rooftop, your team eliminates internal Cc, Bcc or Forwarding to get in touch with colleagues. Just mention each other in emails and collaborate to get things moving. Rooftop reduces the number of emails in your inbox and makes inbox zero attainable. 

You can write private notes or discuss notes on the side of an email before someone answers. It helps you deliver a constant image and strong brand.

Collaboration with internal mentioning

Auto-route your shared inbox to keep it organized

Build workflows with our user-friendly rule creator to categorize emails or conversations, or to auto-assign them to the right person. This way, you can also share the workload evenly or be sure every email is answered or at least opened by the end of the day. 

Rooftop makes it easy to get a birds-eye view of what is done, what needs to be taken care of, or to check statuses like urgent, waiting for an answer, etc.

automatically assigned emails

You set the rules - some examples

Spot SLA violations

Set a benchmark to your support and live by it. Wow customers with your responsiveness.

Automatic cc's

Never forget to keep someone in the loop about the ongoing project. Streamline your communication. 

Business hours or shifts

Auto-route messages when a team member is logged off or not near their PC. Never drop the ball. 

Follow-up tags 

Add tags to track the status of certain deliveries, transports or urgent matters. Easily add tags to emails so that they are grouped and easy to find back.

For example: when a tag is added to a certain customer, when an email comes in from this customer, the tag will trigger it as urgent.

Teams are reporting to spend 6.5 hours less per week managing or searching in their inbox, all this thanks to Rooftop. 

Tag your conversations

There is more to do with a smart shared inbox

Spend less time in your inbox

Great logistic teams are data-driven

Track and monitor the activity of your team with charts and reports that will visualize your KPI's and help you to improve your team. Get detailed stats about your team's workload. Create stats that will help you boost your business based on customer questions or supplier feedback.

Rooftop available on mobile

Awesome customer service, any place, any time. The all-in-one tool that grows with your team and builds loyal customers. An empty inbox makes happy customers and happy employees.

Rooftop shared inbox mobile application

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