Auto sort your shared inbox and reduce the overload

With Rooftop, you route incoming emails to the right person or build workflows with simple rules to categorize emails or conversations. You don't need to be a programmer to do so.

The advertising team gets their messages while the communication department keeps their inbox organized. Need to work together? No problem, we solve that too. Rooftop is a shared inbox that was made to make email collaborative. 

Create visibility of what's going on in your inbox, who is working on what and what is still to do. Always keep a birds-eye view of what's going on.

Rooftop automatically assign emails

Keep track of ongoing projects

Add tags to emails and group them to get an overview of ongoing projects. For example, you can use tags to organize emails by type of customer or by event. If your marketing department is more focused on lead-generation you can use it to organize your emails by funnel stage or by source. 

You can easily organize your shared inbox and eliminate cc's, bcc's or forwarding. Rooftop has a smart built-in system that will automatically add these tags for you when it detects emails are linked to an ongoing project. It saves you time and gives you context in no time.

Tag your conversations

"Close to inbox zero and fewer meetings"

"Rooftop as a shared inbox has evolved out of a growing need that we had ourselves. We had one email address marketing@, but different cells within our department. We needed a tool that sorted our inbox and delivered the emails to the right people. A shared inbox that would stop us from duplicating or losing important messages."


"Rooftop is all we needed. We spend 6,5 hours less in our inbox per week and are much more productive. We have an overview of what's going on which reduces our meeting times as well" 


EASI - Marketing department

Rooftop marketing team

The shared inbox that helps marketing teams scale without losing the personal touch

Efficient collaboration

Notify your team members. Thanks to internal comments, you inform each other about current affairs, share the workload and avoid duplication. Streamline your team to get more done. 

Personal and shared inbox

Gain internal visibility with shared inboxes without losing the privacy of a personal inbox. Keep overview on what's going on in your inbox, who is working on what and what is still to do.

Share drafts

Share email drafts and make sure you deliver spot-on communication. Don't step on someone's toes with miss-communication and help each other to realize achievements as a team.

Know your customers

Get to know your customers, suppliers or stakeholders with a clear overview of the previous interaction they had with your brand. Aim for the customer-wow and make people love your brand.

Shared inbox analytics

Measure what matters to most with Rooftop's analytic reports. See where your team can go on auto-pilot or where you can improve your team to answer faster and deliver more. 

Broken email chain detection

Smart conversation detection notifies you when Rooftop detects a broken conversation chain. Instantly see previous conversations to get a better context so your inbox won't be cluttered.

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