Manage your shared inboxes more efficiently

When multiple persons have to work in one shared inbox, things only get complicated. Nobody knows what the others are doing, have already done or are planning to do.

We break open the containers that surround emails to unlock information your team might be missing. Gain internal visibility with shared inboxes without losing the privacy of a personal inbox. 

Don't get lost. Create happy tenants and a happy team.

Rooftop shared inbox for property management

Collaborating around emails becomes easy

Email wasn't made to collaborate. It was made to communicate, but your needs changed. We get that, ours did too. Customers are getting more and more demanding. You need the ability to act quickly and collaborate with team members or other departments, to deliver the best possible customer experience. 

Rooftop makes your shared inbox manageable again. With Rooftop, your team eliminates internal Cc, Bcc or Forwarding to get in touch with colleagues. Just mention each other in emails and collaborate to get things moving. It reduces the number of emails in your inbox and makes inbox zero attainable. 

Rooftop mention property management

Keep track of everything

Keep an overview of your personal tasks and those of your colleagues. Visualize everything that is going on and set goals and priorities. Improve the way you are managing (co-)properties and reduce stress.

Automatically assign emails to the right person

With Rooftop, you can route the emails to the right person or build workflows with simple rules, to categorize emails or conversations.

For example, Lisa is responsible for all the insurance claims, so she gets every message concerning insurance matters. Rooftop has a smart detection system that can route these messages based on the rules you create.

Map out internal processes in Rooftop and always stay on top of things.

automatically assigned emails

We provide you with all the tools you need to make your customers happy and delight your team.

Easily deal with recurring tasks

Planning board meetings and building maintenance tasks has never been so easy. Notifications keep you informed when you need to take a step in the process, so you can take care of your daily business without stress.

Sync suppliers with tenants

Easily link a supplier to a tenants question and discuss it in the back-end. Rooftop gives you an overview of the status and keeps all communication streamlined in one communication flow. 

Data driven property management

Track and monitor the activity of your team with charts and reports that will visualize your KPI's and help you to improve your team. Get detailed stats about your team's workload and boost your business.

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