No more trapped emails 

Easily manage inboxes like support@, marketing@, anyotherteam@, give your team an overview of what's going on. Immediately access every inbound message, and sort them by email address, contact person, customer or by the nature of the message. Need other filters? Customize the fields at will! Connect teams and give them access to every conversation they need, to boost your customers experiences. Only one inbox to connect? No problem. Rooftop makes your team collaborate around emails. 

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Respond, comment, assign. No more CC's or BCC's

Respond to a message, leave a comment or assign a conversaiton to a teammate, all in the same screen. You can also notify a teammate who's not directly involved in the conversation. Transparency and information sharing are central to Rooftop.

Assign emails

Email was created in 1971, since then your needs have changed. So should your inbox

Say goodbye to Gmail & Outlook

It's easy to set up and convenient to get the whole team on board. Spend 6 hours less in you inbox with Rooftop.

Hello new best friend - "snooze"

Get your shared inbox sorted by snoozing emails to get them out of your sight and maintain focus. 

A bird-eyed view

See who's working on what, manage projects or tasks and add statuses to them all in the same view. 

Turn emails into actions quicker and automate your workday

Build workflows, assign tasks/emails and messages to the right persons by creating rules. What's best about it: you don't have to be a programmer to do so. Get every conversation where it needs to be based on criteria's you choose. Keyword, person of contact, project, type of question, internal process. You name it. 

Create workflows to auto route shared inboxes

Your inbox is full of data and ways to improve 

Benefit from Rooftop's reporting and KPI tools in order to assess the performance of your team as well as workload assignment. Get detailed stats on your email volume, email frequency, response time, individual performance and much, much more. Understand your business better and find new ways to adjust and improve your workflows. 

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