Real-time collaboration on emails

With Rooftop, you give your team the power to collaborate in your shared inbox with internal messages. Coordinate with your team and @mention each other to get things done delivering a never faster exceptional customer experience from distance. 

Collaboration with internal mentioning

Distribute workload

Easily assign emails to the right responsible. Delegate or share emails and attain inbox zero! No more CC, FWD or BCC, assign or simply create rules to auto-assign emails. 

Assign emails

Collaborate as if your team was in the same room

With Rooftop you always have the full context. A shared inbox made for real time collaboration. Get each other updated, track progress and comment on emails to get things done in no time. 


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Shared inbox for remote teams

Keep everyone in the loop 

Manage individual emails, group emails or text messages in one place. Unlock information your team might be missing. Gain internal visibility with shared inboxes without losing the privacy of a personal inbox. 

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Understand team performance

Track every key metric, email frequency, responding time and see team performance as well as individual performances. Be the manager they need and help your team to improve through your shared inbox analytics stats. 

Analytic & reporting dashboard

The shared inbox that makes remote work even more productive

Round-robin automation

Simple and easy rules that delivers the right email to the right person. Go for inbox zero.

No ticketing

See all previous interactions of customers without treating them as a ticket. 

Available on WEB and IOS

Reply to your customer wherever you are, don't make them wait any longer and match your SLA's. 

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