Email management software

Rooftop makes your inbox workable again. Automatically or manually assign emails, add tags and mention colleagues to get them in the loop. No more internal CC, BCC or forwarding necessary so your inbox stays clean and uncluttered. One step closer to inbox zero. 

Rooftop email management software

Add status to see what matters most

Get an overview of what's important and what's not. Set statuses to your emails so you can manage your time and be more productive. Don't make low-value emails pollute your workday.  

Add status to emails

Enjoy the satisfaction of an organized inbox

“When I arrive at work and I see a mailbox with 50 email, it’s super stressful! Where to start? What’s really important in all this? It’s just too much information and I got the impression I’m downing.” With Rooftop, email management becomes child play.

No more broken email chains

Reply all, reply to one person, changing the subject line emails can easily be cluttered. Rooftop detects those errors and connects broken email chains so you always stay on top with the full communication flow. 

No more split emails with broken email chain detection

The solution to fewer emails is data driven

Inbox analytics measures what's going on in your inbox. Get detailed stats on your email volume, email frequency, response time & individual performance. Track, measure and improve your teams productivity. 


Analytic & reporting dashboard

A shared inbox that grows with you and your needs

Customers are humans not tickets

Stay organized without making your customers feel like they're a ticket give the the best possible customer experience.

Automate as much as possible

Automate your inbox with advanced rules or ready to use templates. Set reminder and get notified so no email slips through the cracks. 

Eliminate "clandestine passengers"

They are surfing along on the goodwill of others cleaning up the shared inbox. And what if Rooftop got rid of those behaviors with smart rules? 

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