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The target audience for this course is application developers who have experience creating or modifying single database applications with Lotus Domino Designer 6, 7, or 8.


Students taking this course should have experience using the IBM Lotus Notes client to access applications and possess the equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience developing Lotus Domino 6, 7, or 8 applications. Students should have completed the Fundamentals of Lotus Domino 8 Application Development or Developing Lotus Domino 6/6.5 Applications Foundation Skills course.

What will you learn?


  • This course builds on the skills the IBM Lotus Domino 8 Application Development (D8510) course. Through instructor lecture and student centered activities and exercises, students learn to use IBM Lotus Domino Designer 8 to develop multidatabase applications.

This course covers the following topics :

After completing this course, students should be able to :

  • Use formula language to inspect and manipulate text values and lists, and use iterative statement functions.
  • Implement functions that interact with users through different types of dialog boxes using the @Prompt and @DialogBox functions.
  • Implement advanced view design features to enhance how Lotus Notes displays documents.
  • Examine and use several IBM Lotus Domino design elements as navigation structures, including links and imagemaps.
  • Create and embed an outline.
  • Work with framesets and frames.
  • Access data in Lotus Domino databases by using formula language and profile documents.
  • Use the formula language to access data sources using the Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface.
  • Examine Domino Enterprise Connection Services (DECS) and implement realtime data mapping between an IBM Lotus Domino application and a relational database.
  • Implement workflow in Lotus Domino applications.
  • Secure Lotus Domino application data by controlling access and encrypting data.

Lesson 1: Working with Strings, Lists, and Loops
Lesson 2: Writing Formulas to Interact with the User
Lesson 3: Advanced View Design
Lesson 4: Adding Navigational Elements Using Links and Imagemaps
Lesson 5: Working with Outlines
Lesson 6: Creating a Frameset
Lesson 7: Accessing Data in IBM Lotus Domino Databases
Lesson 8: Accessing NonDomino Data
Lesson 9: Mapping Data Between IBM Lotus Domino and Relational Databases
Lesson 10: Adding Workflow to IBM Lotus Domino Applications
Lesson 11: Securing IBM Lotus Domino Application Data


EASI is an official training provider, recognised by the Flemish gouvernment's 'KMO-portefeuille'.