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Audience for this course :

  • This beginning course is designed for novice IBM Domino Administrators who need to acquire a foundational knowledge and working experience with IBM Domino administration tools and who are responsible for:
  • Registering and managing users and server
  • Setting up and configuring IBM Domino mail server
  • Monitoring and maintaining an existing IBM Domino infrastructure
  • Upgrading IBM Notes clients


There are no formal prerequisites. Prior experience with network administration, mail system administration or the IBM Notes client is beneficial.

What will you learn?


​In this course you will :

  • Be introduced to basic concepts that provide the foundation for IBM Domino and IBM Notes
  • Practice performing basic administration tasks using the IBM Domino Administrator client
  • Install and configure a basic infrastructure with a single domain
  • Perform standard server maintenance and troubleshooting tasks


  • Examine the IBM Domino and IBM Notes Architecture
  • Perform Basic Administration Tasks
  • Examine IBM Domino Security Mechanisms
  • Examine Mail Routing in IBM Domino
  • Examine IBM Domino Replication
  • Extend IBM Domino Environment
  • Install and set up the first IBM Domino server and administrator
  • Set up servers in the IBM Domino domain
  • Add IBM Notes workstations to the IBM Domino domain
  • Set up the administration environment
  • Set up the replication schedule to synchronize IBM Domino system databases in the domain
  • Configure intranet IBM Domino mail routing
  • Configure internet mail routing
  • Enable message controls
  • Enable server and messaging monitoring
  • Troubleshoot common mail setup problems
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Groups
  • Manage Non-Notes and Notes Clients
  • Deploy Composite Applications
  • Manage Servers
  • Update Servers
  • Set Up Server Monitoring
  • Use Domino Domain Monitoring
  • Monitor Server Performance
  • Resolve Server Problems

This course covers the following topics:

Key Topics

Day 1: Security Administration
Basic user registration
Managing user IDs, passwords, and access
Working with groups
Advanced user registration
Organizational Units and Certifiers
Policies, AdminP, and the Certification Authority Process 

Day 2: Desktop Administration and Support
Troubleshooting mail issues
Managing and monitoring mail performance
Installing Notes clients

Days 3-4: Server Administration

Day 3:
Server monitoring
Server access controls
Mail controls
Replication and backup

Day 4:

Transaction logging

Database maintenance


Server crash

Server decommissioning 

Day 5: Domino Architect and Bootcamp Culminating Activity

  • Naming schemes
  • Server installation
  • Directories
  • Traveler
  • ID Vault
  • Bootcamp culminating activity

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