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Lotus Domino Administrators


Knowledge about managing policies in Lotus Domino

What will you learn?


This course explains the possibilities you have to allow SSO between Active Directory and Domino. You will get information about SSO configuration in Domino with existing features and future features. During this course, you will have the possibility to discover Tivoli Directory Integrator.

This course covers the following topics:

​IBM Lotus Notes SSO

  • Difference between Web Configuration and Internet Sites
  • Lotus Notes Client Single Logon
  • Lotus Notes Shared Login
  • Migrate from Lotus Notes Client Single Logon to Notes shared login
  • SPNEGO for SSO between Domino HTTP and Active Directory
  • Definition of SPNEGO
  • Configuring Domino to use SPNEGO
  • Standards bases SSOO using SAML
  • Definition of SAML
  • Configuring Domino to use SAML for IBM Lotus Domino HTTP
  • Configuring Lotus Notes to use SAML

EASI is an official training provider, recognised by the Flemish gouvernment's 'KMO-portefeuille'. 

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