Maximum protection, minimum effort

Cybercriminals are targeting your organization every day. They are after your data, your intellectual property, personal data and money. But you'd rather focus on your growth plans than worry about cybersecurity. SentinelOne is a perfect solution. It stops the cyber attack before it even has properly started. Traditional anti-virus is too late by then. 


Always one step ahead

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection bundles detection, protection, response and remediation in one platform. SentinelOne predicts malicious behavior on end-user devices across the organization and eliminates threats before they occur thanks to Machine Learning and AI.

Fast & automated remediation

SentinelOne's platform will automatically terminate malicious processes and disconnect and quarantine infected devices pro-actively and in real-time. In case of suspicious events, it will perform a rollback to keep endpoints in a constant clean state.

Ease of use

The single agent of SentinelOne with consolidated security features merges multiple agents into one, which helps to reduce complexity and simplifies management. Alerts are automatically grouped into storylines that provide analysts with instant context.


Unlike a traditional antivirus, SentinelOne can recognize and eliminate threats in laptops, desktops, IoT devices and cloud applications even before they really start. Instead of looking for something known (known threats), it analyses suspicious activity based on the characteristics and behavior of a file or link. This allows administrators to take quick action to prevent further incidents across the organization. Even when administrators are not present, SentinelOne can autonomously intervene and quarantine files or devices 24/7.

Autonomous response & rollback

When SentinelOne detects a threat, the platform will take specific actions to respond, remediate, and even rollback activity to previous safe states completely autonomously. 

Ransomware protection

SentinelOne provides complete protection against ransomware attacks and other known and unknown cyber attacks. They even offer a Ransomware warranty up to $1.000.000 USD.


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), SentinelOne recognizes threats even before the attack occurs. Traditional anti-virus solutions are systematically too late. 

Any type of device

SentinelOne protects against malicious attacks on all kinds of computers and devices: from Windows, MacOs to even Linux, but also IoT endpoints or even cloud-native applications. VDI and server environments are also protected. 


Make use of 350+ features in the API codebase to integrate with your security infrastructure or use pre-built integrations with many popular enterprise applications and services.

Cloud-based console

Benefit from the cloud-based console that doesn't require hosting or maintenance costs and is always available and up-to-date. 

Which version of SentinelOne is the best fit for your organization?

SentinelOne comes in different flavours: Core, Control and Complete

Download the SentinelOne factsheet to see all details about the differences between these three flavours, and take your pick from the three versions SentinelOne offers. 

Download the factsheet

SentinelOne factsheet

Why Easi as your SentinelOne partner

"We strongly believe and invest in our partnership with SentinelOne. The SentinelOne Momentum Award we received is only a consequence of the close cooperation between EASI's and SentinelOne's teams. We're committed to becoming one of the most important, if not, the most important SentinelOne partner in Belgium and the Benelux. Together with SentinelOne, we constantly aim to offer qualitative and pragmatic security solutions that lead to excellent levels of customer satisfaction."

Christophe Verhaeghe, Business Unit Manager Security, Easi

Christophe Verhaeghe

+20 years of experience

Based on more than 20 years of experience and a strong, customer-centric organization, we're a solid long-term partner that will help you develop and protect your IT environment. 

360° partnership

Our certified system integrations team holds certifications in a lot of world-class technologies, enabling you to benefit from local experts in any domain: IT infrastructure, cloud, security and application services. 


Our project teams use proven project management and quality management methodologies ensuring the highest possible level of success in our projects. As a result, our cloud offerings are ISO27001 certified. 

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