Nexis is a company created over twenty years ago and which specializes in IT infrastructure. Our customers are both small and large companies.

In the CRM market, EASI's SmartShare solution is the most integrated. The wealth of a company is its contacts. This is why we require all our employees to use CRM to manage contacts and whether they are customers, prospects or suspects. 

The tool is well integrated with other modules such as APM (task management) and DM (documentation management). This integration is important between the different modules because once a contact is created, a company, and we have linked them together, it is possible to associate a task or an appointment with it. When this task is carried out by the mission manager, such as a sales representative after an interview with a prospect, the latter will report back. This action will allow everyone to follow the history of the relationship with the client in question.

The most complicated part of the process is to get all employees to accept CRM. Its use seems tedious, but the benefit is so great that the investment is worth it. You have to convince the employees!

It is, therefore, a collaborative tool that allows everyone to be aware of Nexis' activity with its customers. As soon as we eliminate the use of emails in favour of APM and DM, we enter into a collaborative model. Management is pushing in this direction, which makes us more efficient. This CRM is essential for our company.

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