360° overview

SmartShare brings all crucial information about what's going on together in one single, centralized system. The famous Company Overview feature shows all possible information about a customer in one single screen: ongoing projects, deals, contracts, offerings, ... 

Collaboration & Productivity

SmartShare brings structure in the way people work and share information. Collaboration between colleagues and teams is drastically improved thanks to the centralization of information in the shared environment. Customers report a time gain of 1h per day per employee. 


An advanced integrated access rights management system allows to make sure that information is only accessible to persons with sufficient access rights. Access rights can be managed at multiple level: individual, team, binder, project, document, ... 

Mail & calendar integration

Emails are managed in the shared environment, which brings a huge productivity gain and efficient collaboration. Information is no longer scattered in the different individual inboxes of your collaborators but managed in a secure, centralised environment.

Highly flexible & customizable

The modular nature of SmartShare allows you to build your own environment, based on our building blocks such as To Do management, Document Management, Contacts Management, Sales Forecasting Management, HRM, Car Fleet management, Workflow management, Project management etc. 

Available anywhere

SmartShare is available on any device and anytime, even when you're offline: an advantage not to be underestimated. Our dedicated iOS & Android apps ensure an optimal user experience from mobile devices as well. 

Want to see SmartShare in action?

Request a free demonstration by one of our consultants. During a 1 hour (online) meeting, we will make you discover the advantages, features and user experience of SmartShare. You will also have the opportunity to ask all your questions.

From 1 specific need to managing your entire organisation

Customers and employees at the center of your attention

SmartShare modules overview


  • To do management
  • Email management
  • Project management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Customer database
  • Timesheets
  • Reporting & Dashboards


  • Employee information management
  • Salaries & evolutions
  • Trainings & certifications
  • Holiday Requests 
  • Out of Office 
  • Absences
  • Car fleet 
  • Recruitment

Document Management

  • Secure document storage
  • Full text search
  • Traceability
  • Versioning
  • Confidentiality
  • Approval workflows

Listen to what our customers say about us

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EASI's solution is by far the most integrated solution on the CRM market

Doyen Auto

"We are now better prepared for dealing with any failure of our critical IT infrastructure."

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"Today we have a real communication solution that covers both our internal and external communications.

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"RSM Belgium needed to find the right partner to be able to send massive data volume to their customers."

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"Finding a solution for email management and collaboration between colleagues and with external partners gained us highly…


SmartShare is built on HCL Notes and thus seemlessly integrated with HCL Notes e-mail, calendar & messaging suite.

SmartShare can also be integrated with any 3rd party tool, for example Microsoft O365, accounting & financial management tools, invoicing tools, ERP's, ordering systems, ... During our +20 years of experience, we realized integrations with most popular tools. If you don't see the tool you're using in the image, don't panic: contact us and we will realize the integration for you. 

SmartSales integrations

Onboarding & support

Our local consultants will help you set up your account and onboard your teams. 

If you need assistance in your own language at your office, you can count on our local offices. Our colleagues will assist you with the setup, implementation, training, integrations and support if needed.

Rooftop customer support

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