Custom software development

While we pride ourselves on our expertise in developing highly standardized, customizable applications, some customers have needs that the standard features of our software packages don’t cover. That’s where our custom software development services come into the picture.

Twenty years of experience in application development have allowed us to establish a development process that ensures high customer satisfaction. We guarantee that you will have the software you ordered within the agreed deadlines. Once your software is released, we assure support & maintenance to ensure that the application will continue to work correctly.

Soofware Development

Software development capabilities

Custom software development

Our teams can manage the full project of developing a custom application, starting from the initial analysis over the project management, development, testing & deployment stages. We also provide extensive support and maintenance services to make sure that the successful implementation and evolution of your application is guaranteed.

Low code development

Based on Microsoft's Power Platform, our teams help customers develop custom applications, automate business processes, analyze data or even develop more innovative applications like for example, AI-based chatbots. Thanks to the Power Plaftorm, the applications benefit from Microsoft's embedded cybersecurity measures like identity management and multifactor authentication, shared by Azure and Microsoft 365.

Mobile development

If you need a custom mobile app for your enterprise, or you want to mobile-enable existing applications, you’ve found the right place. Check out our mobile development services to see what we can do for you.

Software integration

Web services, API’s & data integration are core features of today's enterprise applications. Our teams are experienced in integrating software with any existing 3rd party tools that your company might be running.

Modernizing legacy applications

Outdated but performant applications may cause employees frustrations and give you an outdated image as a company. However, if they are still satisfying from a functional point of view, there is no reason to change the platform: bring them to current standards by mobile-, web- and cloud-enabling them and modernize the UI. We have a huge experience and added value in modernizing IBM Power i (AS/400, iSeries) applications.

User Experience at the center of our attention

"A digital solution can only be as good as its user interface, which is a perfect blend of aesthetics and ergonomics. What could be worse than investing in a solution that is technically impeccable, but yet not used/understood/loved by your users?


That's why our technical experts work hand in hand with our UX/UI (User Experience / User Interface) experts from the very start of the project right through to final delivery. We keep a (very) watchful eye on the aesthetic and ergonomic aspects of the project: (re)branding (colors, logo, typography, ...) for a UI consistent with your company's image, proposing prototypes to be validated together, testing the solution's ergonomics, ... 

This way, we ensure that your project is a complete success in every respect."

Marion Descamps, Senior Software Analyst

Discover our UX & UI services

Marion Descamps UX designer

Our skills


No matter if we start from scratch or migrate your legacy software, our experience as a business software editor and implementer is your best guarantee to make your SharePoint project a success. We can provide full end-to-end application development services and integrate the application in your O365 environment.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform integrates low-code development solutions with secure and trusted Microsoft cloud services, including Azure and Microsoft 365. Microsoft Power Platform includes Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Pages, and allows to create apps and workflows across your organization. 


In many cases, legacy RPG applications keep on running like a charm. If that’s also your case, but you’re having difficulties finding internal resources to maintain or further develop your applications, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is growing and capable of maintaining, developing and modernizing your RPG applications.

HCL Notes

HCL Notes (formerly IBM Lotus Domino) is an advanced platform for hosting collaboration and social business applications. It delivers scalable, security-rich applications at a low cost, helping you improve productivity, accelerate operations and enhance decision-making. We are the biggest HCL Notes business partner in Belgium. If you need any help around Notes development, don’t look further!

Web development

Our teams dispose of experience and knowledge in most modern web development languages like HTML & Javascript, PHP, Angular, .Net and many others.


WinDev is a powerful integrated development platform, lets you build strategic projects easily and quickly thanks to its total integration, ease-of-use and cutting-edge technology. Applications built on WinDev can run on Windows, Linux or Mac, or in a web browser.

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