Smart AI work partner for a modern workplace

Meet Microsoft Copilot, the revolutionary AI-powered assistant designed to transform your work experience and help you with your most complex challenges. 

Microsoft Copilot integrates with the entire Microsoft ecosystem and far beyond. This creates numerous opportunities, but these also come with a great deal of risk in terms of privacy and security.

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Microsoft Copilot in Action

Discover the future of work with Microsoft Copilot! Dive into our workshop to get familiar with AI-powered tools designed to revolutionize your workflow.

From live demos to essential tips, learn how Copilot can be your ultimate work ally. Embrace innovation, ensure security, and boost your productivity. Join us to explore the possibilities!

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Microsoft Copilot services by Easi

Step 1

Discovery Track

During the Copilot Discovery track, you and management will discover the benefits of the different Copilots specifically for your company. Discover exactly what they can do and how this responds to your market and the needs of your employees. 

Step 2

Readiness track

We review your Microsoft Maturity and the readiness of your company and data to use the various Copilots. With the intention of getting your users to enjoy the optimal power of AI on their work experience, we'll also check on access management and security to avoid any unpleasant surprises at go-live. 

Step 3

Adoption Track

As with any other new investment, success hinges on the readiness for adoption of, in this case, its users. Therefore, we provide a clear plan of action to encourage this adoption. With internal champions, an internal communication plan and interactive coaching, we'll make the implementation of Microsoft Copilot a success. 

Step 4

Evolution Track

New technologies, especially AI, are constantly evolving, which means that new features or applications are constantly being added to Copilot. Our Microsoft technology watchers make sure that you and your users keep up to date and continue to make optimal use of them. With follow-up sessions, Q&As and other resources, we help you explore the wonderful world of AI. 

We'll help you get started in the wonderful world of AI

Our overall 360° Microsoft Approach

Thanks to our 360° approach to Microsoft projects, you can enjoy a comprehensive range of capabilities from our experts. Our goal is to focus on license optimization, modern workplace creation using Microsoft applications, creating custom app development, tenant and user management, and seamless migrations.

Integral to our methodology is the implementation of an optimal cybersecurity setup, ensuring that every aspect of your Microsoft ecosystem is not only efficient and tailored to your business needs but also fortified against evolving cyber threats. We provide a holistic service package designed to enhance collaboration, productivity, and security in your digital transformation journey.

Microsoft 360° service approach by Easi

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