Strategic Salesforce Partner

No matter where you are in your Salesforce journey, Easi is your one-stop Belgian partner for any strategic Salesforce related need.

Whether you already have Salesforce integrated in your company and are looking to start that next step in your digitalization journey, or you wish to implement Salesforce from scratch, Easi is the right partner for you.   

Salesforec partner Easi - one stop shop

Easi as a trusted CRM consulting partner

Change Management  

We know that change is difficult and can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why, during the whole implementation process, we focus on user adoption, a user-friendly UX/UI, proper trainings and documentation.  

Humanized technology  

We understand that humans make or break the successful implementation of a solution for our customers. That is why we want to embody human excellence while taking full responsibility of the application integration.

Close partnership

We believe in a pragmatic and agile implementation of Salesforce in your organization. We aim to deeply understand your way of working, and always aim to deliver short implementation cycles with a high added value. 


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We rely on more than 20 years of experience in the CRM and business app industry to implement Salesforce in your company and help you in your digital transformation journey. 


Arnaud Delforge - Business Unit Manager

Arnaud Salesforce business manager

What do we offer?

Proper onboarding

If you are just starting your Salesforce journey, we will make sure you get the best onboarding possible to get you autonomous with the tool as soon as possible.

Development of new features and integrations

Do you need new features as your needs develop? Just say the word.​ Integrations between Salesforce and other business applications (ERP, ...) are part of our daily expertise. 

Assistance on a day to day basis

Our day-to-day Salesforce assistance service includes the continuous maintenance of the org and the management of small changes or improvements for the teams​.


Change management

Our proven change management methodologies ensure that all users get onboarded, user resistance gets properly managed, and all users entirely benefit from all Salesforce features.

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