Your challenge

Staying ahead of the competition is a continuous challenge for enterprises. Having the latest technological possibilities available and securing the environment is a key factor to reach this goal.

However, staying focused on your core business is even more important. Managing more and more complex IT systems naturally becomes an almost insurmountable task.

Soofware Development

Our solution

Added value

Easi delivers managed IT services focused on delivering added value to our customers. We do this using both cloud and traditional technologies, always based on our core competencies.


We are result-driven. Developing a long-term vision with high-quality results for our customers is our major driver. The results of our yearly customer satisfaction surveys show consistent high satisfaction rates.

Fixed price

Unlike most competitors, we prefer working in fixed-price mode. We believe this way of working is your best guarantee for your satisfaction. 98% of our managed services contracts are fixed price based.

End-to-end responsibility

We prefer taking the full end-to-end responsibility for your project. Customers that give us the full responsibility for their project are showing the highest satisfaction rate.

Service Level Agreements

Depending on your level of exigence, we propose different SLA levels going up to full 24/7 support with guarantees on intervention timeframes.

Your benefits

Long-term partnership

You get a long-term partner that develops a strategic vision on the evolution of your IT infrastructure.

Free your mind

No longer worry about daily operational tasks linked to the management of your IT Infrastructure.

Grow your business

Concentrate on your core business and let your IT staff work on strategic innovations.


Certified experts in Intel-based and IBM Power Systems based systems (previously AS/400). 

Technologies & partnerships

IBM Gold Partner
Veeam Silver Cloud & Service Provider

Managed cloud

Customized private, hybrid and public cloud solutions managed by local experts.

Managed security

Reliable & fully managed security for your environment

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