Why SmartSales?

SmartSales is your one-stop shop when it comes to improving sales on the road.

Whether you want to centralize your data, get real-time updates, improve sales performance, or get a full view of your KPIs, we’ve got your back.

Discover how SmartSales can help you have greater control over your sales process, use your team in the most efficient way, and tap into unexploited potential.

Why smartsales

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“Since having the ability to place an order remotely, we've sped up delivery by a day or more”.


"For Soria Bel saving time, digitalization and optimization are the keywords after the implementation of SmartSales."

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"For my sales colleagues, it's a real asset to be able to see all of our customers on a map at a glance."

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"Since we've had SmartSales, I think we've had no more stock-outs here in Bertinchamps, because we've been able to better…

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"We can easily and quickly take an order of 300 or 400 different products from the customer."

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"The user-friendliness of the tool is exceptional. You can immediately make someone profitable with this system."

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Here's what you can do with SmartSales

Customer Information

Customer information is your greatest asset. We make sure that you always have a complete history of interactions and orders linked to every customer.

SmartSales helps you get accurate and up-to-date information like no other solution can.

Thanks to SmartSales, you’re getting:

  • Quality data straight from the field
  • Centralized data
  • Fully customizable information lists that fit your needs
  • Data enrichment from other sources

The best sales operations are data-driven. We can help with that.

Smartsales customer info

Visit Reports

Get complete visibility over what happens during visits and appointments.

You get to plan out what questions your sales rep is going to ask and upload those to their app. Once the appointment is over, you automatically get the report as soon as it’s been filled out.

Tailor your visit reports and forms so you have the exact field data you need to make informed decisions.

Access and exploit data at a whole new level.

Smartsales visit report



Communication is the basis of efficiency. And efficiency is paramount for customer satisfaction.

SmartSales allows your reps to constantly be in sync with your back office. Any update they make is received in real time in the back end, and the back office can send notification to the rep right in the app.


Smartsales communication

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Documents and Slides

You always want to be sure your sales team on the road has the latest marketing material.

SmartSales allows you to update every document at the disposal of your rep in real time. That way, there’s no risk of your rep presenting outdated specs or prices.

Your reps can also provide outstanding service by building custom presentations. They can put pages from various documents together to provide the prospect with exactly what they need.

They can then immediately send the presentation to the prospect in just a couple of taps.

All that, completely without paper!

This is how you provide the best quality info in the most professional way.

SmartSales - Slides

Catalog and Ordering

Closing the deal on the spot is key to increase sales performance. And that’s what SmartSales is all about.

Sales reps can present and sell products straight from the app, which is synced to your ERP. All prices, stock amounts, and discounts are constantly up to date.

Reduce friction to a minimum by offering discounts and placing orders on the spot. The order is immediately sent to the back office. That way, the customer can have their order delivered as soon as possible.

No paperwork, only efficiency.

SmartSales catalog

Customer Profiling and Targeting

SmartSales allows you to sort prospects/customers according to any criteria you like.

The interactive map allows you to geolocate any contact and assign them attributes. For example, you can choose to automatically attribute the color red to any customer who hasn’t been visited in the past 2 weeks. That way, any sales rep in the area knows where the priorities are and can make the appropriate decision.

This can all be customized and automated according to your needs.

Smartsales targetting customers

KPIs and Reporting

Get a full view of your team’s performance.

Get precise and real-time info about meetings, targets, sales, and even external data from other tools.

You’re completely free to check the data in the app, on a spreadsheet export, or in your integrated BI platform.

Our job is to make sure that you’re never in the dark when it comes to tracking team performance, customer servicing, and sales targets.

Control your data from end to end, at all times.

Smartsales data driven Sales

Integrate with the tools you use

Integrate SmartSales with your existing office tools, CRM/ERP solution or logistical supplier platforms. Our teams are experienced in integrating SmartSales with the most popular CRM and ERP-applications.

Don't see your application? Contact us and we'll realize the integration for you.

SmartSales integrations

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SmartSales is a suited to the needs of any sales representative on the road. However we have particular experiences and features for Pharma, Food & Drinks and Retail markets. Choose your market to know more!

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