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The RBFA consists of 3 different non-profit organizations: the RBFA itself, Voetbal Vlaanderen and the Association des Clubs Francophones de Belgique, which are the two regional wings under the RBFA.
Because the authorities ask the RBFA to keep their ordinary accounting system completely separate, discrepancies can be found. That is why the RBFA tries to centralize as much as possible.

Tom Borgions, the CFO of the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) and Michel Wilquet, Senior Accounting Manager give us some insight as to why they decided to choose Adfinity as their accounting software.

How did you end up working with Easi?

Senior Accounting Manager Michel Wilquet : “A few years ago, the RBFA decided to look for a new accounting program. Only, there were some requirements that had to be taken into account before deciding. Our new accounting software had to be user-friendly and needed to be able to make a link with our procurement system.

"We quicly realized that Easi and their Adfinity solution were the best options that we could find on the market. It had everything we were looking for. Icing on the cake, we quickly realized that it allowed us to draw detailed and useful reports very easily”, says Tom Borgions, Finance Director at RBFA.

"We quickly realized that Easi and their Adfinity solution were the best options that we could find on the market."

What makes Adfinity so great?

"In a nutshell: Adfinity is easy to use and the reportings are crystal clear", says Tom Borgions. "We were really struck by the user-friendliness of Adfinity. But that’s not all, we also experienced a lot of other advantages".


"With Adfinity, we can now open any screen directly in Excel."

Quick access

"We are now able to consult all our invoices at the click of a button."

Simplified procedures

"We save a tremendous amount of time for a lot of tasks, compared to the cumbersome procedures we had to follow before."

Error-free payroll transactions

"We have also made great strides when it comes to payroll administration. The documents we receive from our payroll department are automatically integrated into Adfinity. This allows for an error-less procedure because there is no longer need for a human intervention at the salary coding level."

Better financial reporting

Our financial reporting is also fully automated. In the past, we first had to extract the figures from our system and encode them ourselves in Excel before we could forward them to the board of directors. Errors in the processing are now completely excluded and the reliability of our data has improved enormously".

“As a whole, Adfinity represents a tremendous time saver for all of us and prevents human error.”

How was your experience working with Easi?

"We couldn’t have dreamt of a better partner. The implementation went very smoothly and all of our employees were involved in the process from day one. Easi has worked extremely hard to train us and our people well. We all received intensive trainings and only after a few days, we had gone through every functionality in Adfinity", says Tom Borgions. 

Michel Wilquet, adds, "The great added value of Easi is the support we get from them. We know that if we are confronted with an issue, we can always contact the hotline or our Adfinity consultant to ask for help. They are always available to quickly help us so that we can quickly move on and go back to business as usual."


"The greatest added value of Easi is the support we get from them."

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