Turn your data into decisions

Developing a data-driven corporate culture is something you do step by step. Many companies realize they could look at things in a more efficient way. They immediately opt for a Business Intelligence (BI), Data Visualization or dashboarding tool, which should really just be the last step in the process. 

This is why we have developed a new methodology, Data4Decisions.

Business intelligence services by Easi

Why choose Easi as your BI partner

Easi and its Data4Decisions team are first and foremost a team of experts capable of accompanying you in your strategic reflection, challenging your existing data architecture, and advising you on the most appropriate and effective tools for your company.

Our approach aims to enable you to use your data intelligently and to define the performance indicators that will make the difference in strategic decision-making, throughout the organization.

Business intelligence services data4decisions

Your BI consulting partner from A to Z

Whether you are looking for Data Visualization, Business Analytics, Data Warehousing, OLAP modeling,the right BI tool or BI License renewal or evaluation, we lead the way, you define the scope.

What to expect from our Business intelligence services (Data4Decisions)?

Deep dive into your business model

We start with a deep dive into your values, vision and markets. We really need a deep understanding of those. Only then we can find out your complete needs. It's a detailed analysis from your USP's and your value proposition. We also investigate your competitors are and how your market will evolve. 

By doing so we identify strengths and opportunities for improvement which will define the scope for an ideal implementation plan. Together we search for your fullest potential to offer the right tools and tracking methods. 

360° overview of your steering process

You might have a company vision, values that you embody as a company, but who are the people who are going to execute this strategy, who are the people who are outlining this strategy and most importantly who is thinking along with you? Whether you work top-down or buttom-up to embrace initiatives, we map it out at different levels.

We review your goals and how you want to achieve them, as well as your human resources: how many managers are there at all levels, how are corporate and personal performance indicators mapped and how are they shared, both to the board and to the work floor? 

Define your strategy map

Making your strategy map visual means that we graphically show logical cause-and-effect connections between different strategic objectives. In this way, we translate the previous analysis in which we described the gap between the future state and the current situation into a strategy map. We link KPIs of different departments, teams and individuals to show the impact on your strategy.

We show the link between future or current initiatives per team and the impact on your vision. Furthermore, we provide you with leading indicators, measures that reflect current behavior and help to understand the future, but also lagging indicators that reflect results based on your goals, and those are not only financially oriented.

Our strategy map which is easily mapped thanks to our tool Spoom shows all analytical axes for each stakeholder based on a tree structure, so all noses are pointing in the same direction with the same goal in mind: a clear vision with defined priorities from which your Roadmap will emerge. 

Build your roadmap with the right BI tools to guide you

Based on our analysis, we provide you with your roadmap. This is your own roadmap based on your goals, vision and data available, in addition to our knowledge in data architecture and business strategy consulting. You get to focus on the right KPIs you need to track to achieve your goals.

Too often we still see that companies just track something because they can, or because others do. We will help you track exactly the indicators you need to track to achieve your goals. 

Either our strategy map, 360° balanced scorecard or standard or personalized dashboards will lead you the way in tools that are already available or can be implemented by us. 

As you can see, rolling out the right tool comes only after a profound analysis. This does not take away the importance of such tools. A self-service solution gives the user the possibility of exploiting a powerful and understandable data model for business users, in order to create their own analysis, graphs and tables.

Getting started with your data

To feed your strategy map and employees with the right data, we turn your data into knowledge. As indicated above, we work with your tools, dashboards and BI tools. We check what already exists, can be improved or needs to be replaced. 

A whole series of questions will answer how you will use business intelligence to your advantage in the future: 

  • What operational systems are the data sources?
  • Is there an OLAP, DWH, Datamart or Datastore layer?
  • With which technology are ETL data flows implemented?
  • What documentation exists: Solution design, Bus matrix, Data flow, Data model?
  • What reporting and dashboarding tools are in place?
  • Which tools directly exploit data for reporting or statistics?
  • What are the security rules in place?
  • What are the license management policies by technology?

Both the right data, and data visualization (which dashboards for whom and in which tool), and data streaming will be questioned, during which we will strive to find the most cost-efficient implementation tailored to your company and needs. 

Data Warehousing

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Certified skills in BI software

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A guaranteed optimal BI integration

Proof of concept

With every project we deliver, we work with a Proof of Concept. During this stage, clear agreements are already made about time and budgets so that you never have any surprises. During this stage, everything is still negotiable and adaptable. 

Project management

Our scrum masters ensure that all our projects are started with clear deadlines. They will also look closely at costs and benefits so that you have an overview of the TCO at all times. It is all about communication, which we will do in all stages of the project, as transparent as possible.

Strategy consulting

To support your long-term vision, you can continue to rely on our services. Your needs change too, and that's when we're here to help. Our expertise in reading and interpreting data can help your company in its steering process. You'll directly benefit from our expertise, rewarded multiple times by Deloitte's "Best Managed Company" award. 

Ludovic Michaux Managing Partner at EASI

Ludovic Michaux

Managing Partner at EASI

"Data can really help business leaders optimize the implementation of their business strategy, but today we notice that too many managers mistakenly think that advanced data mining is only something for start-ups or large companies.

Everyone owns data, but it is an art to identify in which data the real added value lies for an organization. Our goal is to help others implement their strategy and optimize it afterwards. This way they can focus on the most relevant data."

Mathieu Pignon - Team Leader SEM & BI

Mathieu Pignon

Data4Decisions Manager

"Our Data4Decisions methodology ensures that through business analysis and analytics, but especially through your own strategy and vision, you will create clarity when your teams need it most.

With our method, we try to reduce the distance between vision, management and execution on the work floor. Communication and collaboration around data play the most important factor in this. All too often, isolated reports are created and the board of a company has no global overview of what is being executed. We make sure that everyone is on the same page."

Jean-François Herremans CEO EASI & Spoom

Jean-François Herremans


"In business, it's not just about profit or revenue and growth. It's the employees and customers that a real leader has to have an eye for. After all, it is the employees who also contribute to the growth of your company. Having them on the same page and communicating clearly about a common goal is therefore strictly necessary. Happy people make happy customers.

That is why we not only measure financial or quantitative figures, but also things like employee or customer satisfaction and put these in perspective with our goal. Only then do we grow not only as a company but also as management."

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