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We're a trusted IT partner that helps our customers grow and achieve their full potential. We do so by providing management applications, professional cloud & security solutions and IT infrastructure services in a pragmatic and result-oriented way.


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Accounting Software

Win time in your daily management & gain competitive advantage thanks to insights in your financial situation.


Sales Management application

Provide your sales representatives with a powerful tool to optimise their sales moments and sell more.


Task management software

Rooftop is a task manager tailored to meet the needs of today's real estate companies.


Private & hybrid managed cloud

Tailor-made cloud solutions managed by local, human experts.


Reliable security solutions

24/7 protection of your organisation’s digital assets.


Professional infrastructure services

Make the right choices and deliver performant and effective IT solutions.

EASI is Entreprise of the Year 2019

EASI has been elected 'Company of the Year®' 2019. It's the first time EASI wins this prize. The jury praised EASI for its powerful sustainable growth and innovation. They specifically referred to our products, services, our participative model and our innovative management style.

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Entreprise de l'année 2019 Team EASI

Why work with us


Respect, positivism, commitment & sense of responsibility. These are the core values on which our company is built and they resonate within all levels of our teams. We recruit people based on these personal values rather than pure technical skills. These human values are the foundation of the positive and constructive atmosphere within our teams. 


Professionalism is the number one feedback we get from our customers during our regular customer satisfaction surveys. We pride ourselves in delivering professionalism during all touchpoints with our customers. Everything will be managed in a very professional and structured way.


Based on our pragmatic, long-term- and result oriented thinking, we build trustful relationships with our customers. Every customer is unique and treated as such. We invest a lot of time in fully understanding the business goals of our customers and developing a long-term vision on how we can deliver added value. 


Delivering qualitative results to our customers is our major driver. We commit ourselves to delivering results and we never rest before they are achieved. The results of our yearly customer satisfaction surveys show consistent high satisfaction rates thanks to this result-oriented approach.


Our teams are skilled in a wide range of technologies which is one of our differentiators in the market. We can indeed provide solutions in different environments like Intel-based systems but also IBM Power Systems (previously AS/400). This combination of technical skills is one of the reasons customers work with us.

20 years of experience

Created in 1999, we have 20 years of experience in what we do. During these 20 years we have realised a continuous, steady growth and consistent positive results. This makes us a healthy and stable company which is also beneficial for our customers: they know they work with a partner that they can rely on for the future. 

Our customers say it better

Thomas Wynen Architectes Logo

"Day to day, SmartDrive improves our communication and organisation"


"We trust in Cloud2be for our critical applications."

inbw logo

"EASI was the only supplier that gave a positive answer to all our questions"

Metaphisa logo

"I chose EASI because it is a secure solution and I really trusted the person I spoke to"


"Thanks to real-time data replication, both environments are constantly kept up-to-date."

RSM Belgium logo

"RSM Belgium needed to find the right partner to be able to send massive data volume to their customers."

lambert logo

A solution that is as effective as it is easy to use.


"Of all the solutions we looked at, SmartSales was the easiest to use."

Sofina logo

"SmartShare puts us in a position to structure all our projects and tasks better, which means we can delegate in a clearer and more transparent way."

Smeg logo

"The user-friendliness of the tool is exceptional. With a minimum of training, you can immediately make someone profitable with this system."

koeckelberg logo

"An advanced and customisable analytical accounting"

Pioneer Europe

"The full IBM Notes environment including ASaaS is running on Cloud2be."

nexis logo

EASI's solution is by far the most integrated solution on the CRM market


'Our system is down' is becoming a thing of the past."

Tip Top industrie

"By hosting our infrastructure in Cloud2be, we can focus on what we do best: running our business!"

Maison Marie-Immaculee

"The real bonus of EASI is that everyone affected got involved."

Brabants Apothekers Forum

"It is important for our data to be located in our home country and that their confidentiality stays guaranteed."


"We only pay for what we use, which is very important nowadays."


"We are sure that we can always have the latest technologies with Cloud2be"

acarup logo

"On the first day of the implementation, all sales representatives were able to use the application"


“It isn’t a client-supplier relationship, it’s a partnership. That helps us go further.”

matermaco logo

“An integrated, mobile tool to boost collaboration... and sales”


"We have a historic partnership with EASI, we know their level of services and trust them."


"Safe2be provides better flexibility towards the future."

ronveaux logo

"We chose Adfinity because of the innovative style of the software and the focus on the analytical accounting."

cras logo

"With a single click on the button, a signature with your details and extra information will be added to your email."

Phoenix Contact logo

"SmartShare brings us an improved way of managing and sharing documents, which will lead to better and faster service and creates added value both for our customers and business partners."

GIM logo

"Finding a solution for email management and collaboration between colleagues and with external partners gained us highly valuable time."

uhoda logo car services

"Thanks to Adfinity, our company is now ahead of our competitors on an accounting level"

gezinsbond logo

"Thanks to Adfinity we have made enormous steps forward, as regards cost accounting and in working digitally. "

Idelux AIVE

"Thanks to EASI's Safe2be solution, we no longer need to have in-house expertise for this purpose."

unda logo

“The app is such friendly-user that my users don’t need a lot of training to use it”


"Adfinity stood out by its user-friendliness and the professional approach of its staff."


"The services, skills, and experience of EASI's team were impressive."

Doyen Auto

"We are now better prepared for dealing with any failure of our critical IT infrastructure."


"SmartSales is a great tool for our sales management to keep in touch with our customers through our sales representatives."

chwapi logo

"The gain of time is phenomenal"

eloy logo

"Today we have a real communication solution that covers both our internal and external communications. Thanks to this, new staff can quickly be brought up to full speed!"

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Linde Declercq
EASI wins the Award for Company of the Year for the first time in its 20 years of existence.