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Who is Easi?

We are known for doing everything we can to help our employees reach their full potential. We do this by providing a unique working environment that is the result of a long reflection on well-being and happiness at work. We also form a very strong and close team.

Why Easi?

Best Workplace

Let's be clear: no employer is perfect for all his employees. Nevertheless, since our establishment in 1999, we have been trying to get as close as possible. Since 2015, we have been named Belgium's Best Workplace in the category of companies with fewer than 400 employees each year. We are more specifically known for the recognition that our employees feel, and the transparency and freedom that exists in our employer-employee relationship.


Becoming a Best Workplace is a shared responsibility. It's not just about being the best employer. It is also about being the best colleagues, with the necessary human warmth, support, and friendship. We regularly arrange parties and extra-professional activities to promote this. Are you ready to meet more than 300 people?


A group can only function harmoniously if certain values are shared. We recruit people in our teams who share our human and professional values. The values that we value are respect, positivism, sense of responsibility and commitment, for the well-being of us all.


We guarantee professional and intensive coaching. Our future management positions are reserved for our own Easi employees. This is the best guarantee that we can offer to ensure that Easi's DNA based on our values will last overtime.


Easi has more than 100 shareholders, which together account for one third of our employees, all active in our company. We are a participatory company that offers all our employees the opportunity to become shareholders. This organization is a guarantee of resilience and one of the keys to our success. This makes Easi quite unique in the market.


We have been working in a growth strategy for over 20 years and are growing year after year. Why? To be able to offer our employees and future employees more and more opportunities for evolution and to be able to implement ever more challenging projects in a world that is constantly evolving.


Are you tired of those job interviews where you feel viewed and assessed from above? We too! For us, a job interview means the start of your onboarding process. A job interview is an open, honest discussion in which both parties can win. During the application process, you will have the same chance to get to know us as we do to get to know you. After - usually - 3 interviews and possibly an extra phone call with one of our colleagues if you wish, we will make a detailed proposal without surprises.

We also regularly try to move away from the traditional recruitment path. For example, we regularly organize original recruitment days where you can highlight yourself in a different way. Follow us through our social media channels to stay up to date with the upcoming dates and take your chance!

Easi Best Workplace Belgium 2022

What we offer

Salary package

Each package consists of a fixed and variable salary, a company car with fuel card according to your job level, insurance, a mobile phone subscription, expense allowances, meal allowances, vacation days and a system of seniority rewards.

Services & facilities

In most offices, we provide extras that make the lives of our employees more comfortable. For example, you can very easily have your car washed at work, visit a hairdresser's or clean your clothes or repair them. Does your car need maintenance or is it time for a tire change? Then the mechanic comes to pick up your car at our parking and you get it back the same evening.


The unique working atmosphere that prevails with us is the greatest source of satisfaction among our employees. In addition to a modern and pleasant work environment with the necessary facilities (outdoor terrace, showers, ...), you also have a relaxation area with PlayStation, darts, kicker, ... Outside of working hours our Feel Good Team regularly organizes extra-professional activities to promote our team spirit.


Twice a year we take the necessary time for an evaluation interview with your manager. During this conversation, you will get a clear picture of what your possibilities for evolution are. You get clear objectives and the necessary resources to achieve them. We offer the necessary training and support to reach your full potential.


You want to invest in your career by working hard. We recognize the merits of committed employees. You are responsible for your own career. We provide a professional framework and try to help you in your evolution.


We regularly organize surprises: a breakfast, a weekly drink on Friday evening, healthy initiatives, awards, rewards, memorable parties, sponsorship budgets, ... If you want, you get your own budget to organize something yourself. Happiness at work is a shared responsibility!

Discover your future colleagues


Laure de Pauw

Senior HR Advisor

Our company is as extraordinary as our people! It’s the first time that I work in a company with so many motivated, happy and purposeful people. Also for the first time, I’ve got the feeling that everyone here is driven by the idea of bringing our company to the highest level, as if it was their own enterprise. This positive attitude comes, amongst others, from our management’s philosophy. They support us and all our efforts to improve the well-being at work of our collaborators. As an HR person this is very meaningful


Ann Heyerick

Software Professionals

Here are some reasons why you should laugh while working at Easi: Your and your colleagues' workday starts great when everybody comes to say hello with a big smile. A busy workday filled with phone calls and questions and searching for solutions is going so much better with a smile. The trust that you receive from your colleagues and customers in your competences makes sure that you keep smiling. Who knows, maybe sometime I will put a smile on your face.


Anne-Sophie Duchêne

Mobile Consultant

When I think about my job the word "happy" comes to my mind. Why? Because every day when I come to work I am glad to be there. Working surrounded by a bunch of smiling people makes your day easy. I am grateful to work for Easi!

dirk sle

Dirk Slechten

Hardware Professionals

Corporate culture pushes, challenges and embraces people to evolve with and within Easi. This spirit automatically creates a dynamism where as well the people as Easi evolve. Every day is a new challenge and never boring. If you want to evolve, Easi is the right place to start!


Gilles Vanhal

Sales & Marketing Professionals

I see the word "Growth" as an ambiguous word: on one hand it means the growth of Easi as an organization, which is reflecting in a positive way on the employees. For example, they offer a lot of nice activities and events for all our employees which have a beneficial impact on the atmosphere. On the other hand you have the personal growth and development. Easi gives you the possibility to grow on in your function and offers you a lot of trainings.


Marion Descamps

UX Analyst

My challenge? Finding the right balance between Sales Reps' wishes, technical feasibility, the creativity of our designer and UX tests conclusions. A good old belgian compromise, some might say !


Félix Thiry

Business Consultant

Two years and a half at Easi? Time goes by so fast! I haven't even had time to get bored as I constantly receive new challenges. This allowed me to grow and learn so much in terms of project management and myself. I put more thinking and structure in my daily job and I work even more efficiently than before.


Damien Goossens

Sales Manager

The secret of happiness at work? Be passionate about what you do! This is, according to me, the key for success. If I'm happy to wake up every day to go to work, it's because I love my job. 


Chris Carremans

System Engineer

Your career really matters to Easi. After 10 years of professional experience, I can say I've been through so many experiences and missions. This is how I became Senior System Engineer. Easi cares about employees. Receiving thank you notes is not rare.


Antoine Rucquoy

Software Engineer

Not only work punctuates Easi's daily life, we also like to have fun in a good atmosphere and celebrate as soon as we can. This allows us to take a breath because we put a lot of effort into our work, we invest a lot. 

Forster Perelsztejn
Forster Perelsztejn
Young professionals are increasingly interested in working for employers who are environmentally responsible.They want to know that their company is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce its impact on the planet.They are also interested in companies that are comm...
Forster Perelsztejn
Forster Perelsztejn
Easi has been around for 22 years. And it's been elected Best Workplace in Belgium (under 500 employees) every year since 2015. That's about a third of the company's existence. And it has doubled in size over that time. We've been able to maintain our culture and DNA from 1 to 40...
Jonas Herinckx
Jonas Herinckx
For anyone just out of business or IT school, consulting seems to be the obvious path. According to a British study, 20% of students and 40% of high-achieving students aspire to join the consultancy industry.

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