With SharePoint, you build

An intranet

An out-of-the-box solution for both internal and external communication with numerous possibilities. Information, documents, events, figures, news about the organization and a handy who-is-who. 

A content management system

Connect SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and much more to build a (cloud) content management system that really makes the difference within your team or for your customers. 

Custom applications

SharePoint is flexible & open for integrations, which allows you to build actual applications upon the platform. In doing so, you're making the most of your licences: integrating PowerApps, Teams, SharePoint & Lists for a perfect 'licence free' solution.

Secure & compliant

SharePoint offers a lot of flexibility and possibilities to your employees, and thus obviously needs well-thought governance policies. Our managed SharePoint governance services complete your SharePoint environment with additional security layers, access rights management, continuous monitoring and backups.

We make sure to bring added value while building a scalable and future-proof system.

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SharePoint governance

Give your end-users access to the power of SharePoint within a clear and managed environment. Manage their roles access rights based on a clear purpose and responsibility. Create proper usage with data structurenaming conventions & support. Implement controlled lifecycle management for content that lives in your SharePoint. (from the creation of content to its archival).

SharePoint security

Don't move your data in the cloud, without trusting it remains secure. Make sure to leverage the full potential of Microsoft Sharepoint's security features, complemented by advanced technologies where necessary. Improve your security posture by executing regular security audits, vulnerability scans, enhancing endpoint & network protection, penetration tests and so on.

They already trust us, why wouldn't you?

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Features & advantages

Drag & drop

Build an intranet or an application with drag and drop modules

Secure Sharing

Store important documents in a shared location


Transform business processes by automating them with PowerApps

Anytime, anywhere

Accessible anywhere, anytime and securely from any device.

Advanced search engine

Intelligent search functionality to find information, expertise and insights

Co-authoring & versioning

Work on the same files simultaneously and in real time with version history


Connect Power BI to use data from your CRM, ERP or similar

Custom apps

Arrange practical matters such as, holiday requests, expense notes, etc.

Get the best out of your M365 licence

Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists allows you to create simple, intelligent, and flexible lists to help you keep up to date with your team and organize your work. Stop using and sharing Excel files for managing to-do's and checklists. Securely capture data from multiple persons, without sending attachments and manual copy-paste.

All this integrated in your Microsoft365 environment, which includes commenting and communication possibilities from Teams. 


Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Teams 

By integrating your SharePoint environment with Microsoft Teams, you will enjoy the features of SharePoint with advanced collaboration on top: sharing documents, adding comments and conversations around content, organizing conference calls and webinars...  Take your team collaboration to the next level! 

More about Teams


Microsoft Team collaboration and communication features

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