360° Real Estate Management

Whether you're working as a real estate developer, property manager or construction company, Adfinity Real Estate will help you manage your business efficiently. 

Adfinity Real Estate covers more than your real estate management needs: it accelerates data input, access, operations, and financial management. The tool stimulates your team thanks to its user-friendliness and pragmatic nature. 

Being the preferred tool for mid-sized enterprises, Adfinity Real Estate offers a solution that follows your growth and adapts to your ever-evolving needs.

Forget about managing your real estate projects in Excel-sheets and gain time in your daily management!

Adfinity Real Estate

"Adfinity offers an integrated property and financial management solution for the company's activities. Having a central, dynamic and user-friendly tool will make our day-to-day work even more efficient, and will give Ascencio greater agility as it continues to develop."

Cédric Biquet, Chief Financial Officer, Ascencio

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Buildings / Units

Professional management of sites, buildings & units: structure & hierarchize your different entities by characteristics, surface, types of property, localization, legal specifications, etc


A complete database with all data you need about your tenants: contact data, management of occupation emptiness, favour management, rents, ... 


One single tool to follow-up on purchase invoices & payments, service charge keys, consumption meters, charges settlement & private expenses management. 

Lease contracts

Automatically invoice your rents (traditionally or via e-invoicing), manage rent indexing & breaks, charges settlement, private expenses management and invoicing. Automate as many manual processes as possible and save time for what's truly important. 


The fully integrated accounting software (Adfinity) can be used to manage the complete financial side of your real estate projects. It's a paperless solution that covers all legal needs and much more. If you prefer continue using your existing accounting software, no problem: integrations are possible with all accounting software solutions.

More about Adfinity

"As part of our IPO, we were looking for a tool that would be able to track all of our financial activities, such as rent invoicing or expense statements. Adfinity Real Estate appeared to be the most complete and efficient solution on the market.

It was important for us to work with a Belgian player who could follow the legislative changes in our country, such as changes in the VAT rate, which is not necessarily the case with foreign solutions.


Adfinity allows us to do our reporting, which is quite specific, in order to meet the many legal requirements of the FSMA. Although these requirements change every year, Adfinity allows us to respond to these changes without any problems.

Adfinity, both the accounting and the real estate part, works perfectly. We have also recently added the Spoom add-on, which allows us to produce KPIs that are useful for management and capable of improving the management of our company."


Jean-Luc Colson - Chief Finance Officer - Inclusio


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Reporting & Dashboards

The powerful reporting tool helps you analyzing the profitability per building/unit, tenant, region, etc... It allows you to follow-up closely on your lease contracts and their expiration dates, gain insights in your turnover by region, by market... 

Graphical dashboards & reporting can easily be built to meet your personal needs. For Excel lovers, we offer an Excel add-in that connects in real-time to the database. For more demanding customers, there are connectors with most popular BI tools.

Turn your data into actionable insights to make better decisions. 

Adfinity real estate dashboard

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Improve your management thanks to these additional features

Integration with Adfinity

Enjoy the automation & digitization capabilities of Adfinity, like the purchase & stock management solution, the task management & project management features, OCR & e-invoicing and a lot of others. 


Flexible & scalable

Benefit from a modular solution that can easily be customized to your needs without specific development. Be prepared for your future evolution and needs: start simple and let Adfinity grow at your own pace. 

Cloud or on premise

Depending on your information architecture, current investments, ambitions and business strategy, it may be more interesting to opt for an installation on your own infrastructure or in our own private cloud, Cloud2be. The choice is yours, we're here to make it work. 


Integrate Adfinity Real Estate with the tools you already use: third party accounting software packages, CRM, ERP, Office tools (Excel, ...), ... Our teams have more than 20 years of experience with integrating our software with all kinds of third party solutions. 

Onboarding & support

Our structured method of guiding our customers, based on years of experience, is your best guarantee for an efficient and short implementation cycle. After the start-up, you can count on our continuous support thanks to our customer support team. 

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