This was Cybersec Europe 2024

Once again, the largest IT fair in Europe touched ground with Brussels, and Easi was present. This year, too, we wanted to impress with a large booth entirely dedicated to the latest developments in IT and cybersecurity solutions.

In addition to our extensive range of services and solutions, you could also find the opportunity to network with seasoned IT experts at our stand. Our visitors came and learned about SOC, SASE, AI in IT, or what all these, and other abbreviations actually mean. ­čśä 

Stand Out From the Crowd

Our charming booth managed to draw a lot of attention from the visitors. 

This did not go by unnoticed by the Cybersec Europe organization as they honored us with the "Stand Out From the Crowd" Award. 

A jury decided that Easi was the exhibitor that nailed it on all fronts, from communication and booth design to sales behavior and activation. In their own words, our participation was "simply flawless, leaving a lasting impression on the audience".

Easi booth Cybersec europe 2024

Together With Our Partners

Even though we are proud of our presence and subsequent accolades, we can't take all the credit, as we didn't come alone. We invited many of our friends, including the world's largest and avant-garde IT and cybersecurity vendors.

They were there to discuss their solutions and how we can make the IT world safer and smarter together.

Special thanks to Cato Networks, Cymulate, DarkTrace, EfficientIP, Fortinet, Netwrix, Mimecast, Rapid7, and SentinelOne.  

Cato Networks

Cato Networks provides a cloud security platform for extended enterprise networks. The Cato Cloud platform combines network security, WAN connectivity and application monitoring in one cloud-based service. Companies can simplify their security infrastructure and save costs. Cato uses SD-WAN, Web gateway security, secure remote access and application security to provide protection against internal and external threats.



Cymulate offers an automated platform for testing security measures in organizations. It uses simulations to identify vulnerabilities and offers modules for email, endpoint, network, and web application security. The platform is used globally and has received awards for its innovative approach.

Cymulate logo


Darktrace offers cutting-edge AI-powered cybersecurity solutions, including the Darktrace Immune System. It detects and responds to cyber threats across networks, cloud infrastructure, and IoT devices in real time. Darktrace's technology learns the 'patterns of life' for users and devices, enabling early threat detection and rapid response capabilities. They also provide specialized solutions for email, cloud, and industrial control systems security. Overall, Darktrace empowers organizations to defend against sophisticated cyber threats effectively.

DarkTrace logo

Efficient IP

Efficient IP offers its clients streamlined IP address management solutions tailored to their needs. With their services, clients benefit from optimized allocation and utilization of IP addresses, ensuring efficient resource management and scalability. They provide automated tools for provisioning, configuration management, and tracking, simplifying administration and reducing manual effort. Their solutions also include comprehensive documentation and inventory management, enabling clients to maintain accurate records and comply with regulatory requirements. Overall, Efficient IP empowers clients to enhance network performance, improve security, and adapt to evolving technological demands with ease.

efficient ip logo


Fortinet protects people, devices, and data everywhere with the Security Fabric platform. It provides automated protection for the entire digital attack surface, including critical devices, data, applications, and network connections. More than 635,000 customers worldwide rely on Fortinet's solutions. The Fortinet NSE Training Institute also offers comprehensive cybersecurity training.



Microsoft is a global technology leader known for its software, services, and solutions. With products like Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365, Microsoft helps businesses innovate and transform digitally. Their focus on cloud computing, AI, and enterprise solutions drives productivity and business growth.




Mimecast protects over 40,000 customers from cyberattacks, human and technological errors with advanced solutions for proactive threat detection, brand protection, awareness training, and data retention. It is changing the way organizations worldwide perceive email security and collaboration, supporting them in staying securely operational.

mimecast logo format


Netwrix champions cybersecurity to ensure a brighter digital future for any organization. Netwrix's innovative solutions safeguard data, identities, and infrastructure reducing both the risk and impact of a breach for more than 13,500 organizations across 100+ countries. Netwrix empowers security professionals to face digital threats with confidence by enabling them to identify and protect sensitive data as well as to detect, respond to, and recover from attacks.



Rapid7 is a cybersecurity and risk management company that helps organizations secure and manage their IT infrastructure. The Rapid7 Insight platform provides security solutions such as vulnerability management, incident detection and response, application security, and compliance management. In short, Rapid7 offers solutions to protect organizations against security risks and effectively manage their IT infrastructure.



SentinelOne is a company focused on cybersecurity and endpoint security solutions for businesses of all sizes. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect threats and respond rapidly to attacks. It protects against various threats, such as malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks. SentinelOne has customers worldwide and is considered a leading company in the cybersecurity industry.

SentinelOne Logo


GTT, or Greater Technology Together, is a managed network and security partner to global organizations. They design and deliver solutions that leverage advanced cloud, networking, and security technologies, complemented with a suite of professional services and exceptional sales and support teams in local markets around the world. GTT serves thousands of national and multinational companies with a portfolio that includes SD-WAN, security, internet, voice, and other connectivity options.

GTT - Greater Technology Together

Stay tuned for next year!


Who is Cybersec Europe for?

If you're involved in IT in any capacity, whether you're an engineer, CIO, or even CEO, we have something for everyone. Drop by to chat, ask questions, or simply see what's new in the market.


Why is Cybersec Europe an unmissable fair? 

Besides discovering the latest trends, it's the place to gather new ideas or find answers to complex questions. Additionally, Cybersec Europe offers an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. In short, it's the IT fair of the year.