Building your cyberposture

Cyber-attacks are almost indispensable for businesses, and they are also becoming more numerous, especially since the Covid pandemic. Therefore, companies are looking for solutions to counter cyberattacks. 

For this they often reach back to the known cyber solutions such as SIEM, XDR or NDR, and the like.

Each separately very good solutions and if you combine them, then you have a strong cyber defense. 

Eliminate the noise and focus on what counts

There is still an Achilles' heel: seeing the forest for the trees through all the alerts, events and notifications, but especially knowing how and when to respond and when not. That is why SOC was created. 

SOC solutions Easi

Cybersecurity maturity

Walk before you run

To protect your business from cyber attacks, concrete solutions are often immediately thought of: SIEM, NAC, XDR, SOC. Often, you also need these solutions to get cyber insurance. 

However, an important question should be answered first: Is my organization cyber-mature enough for these solutions? As long as you don't have a thorough strategy in terms of patching, incident response, security awareness, etc., there is no point in already looking at these solutions. 

What you need is to do, is to get your basics right. 

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Cyber security maturiteit SOC


What is a SOC?

A SOC or Security Operations Center is a centralized hub where experts are linked to processes and security technologies to continuously monitor and improve your security posture. 

It's a type of service that will preventively guard, detect, analyze and respond to cyber incidents and do this on top of the cyber solutions that you have in place as a company. 

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How does our SOC work?

A mix of


We build on the existing security solutions you already have installed. We will add an extra layer of intelligence using data, AI and sensors. In this way we ensure that there is no security alert "fatigue" and we provide a better response time. We are preferred partners and have certified skills with the best known security and networking solutions such as: SentinelOne, Fortinet, Exabeam, Tenable, Aruba networks, Citrix, Cisco, F5, etc and also manage our own XDR solution Bluehorn. 


In our SOC procedure, we provide risk assessment, data and usage control, security awareness creation, maintaining a complete logbook, incident response (and this according to escalation processes) and so much more. Our SOC team works according to Security Information Management and SOC best practices and obtains certifications on a regular basis to continue to optimize these processes. 


Our experts are on standby 24/7 to thoroughly investigate all alerts and incidents when necessary. For example, we have a specialist for each type of breach, a dedicated SOC team, Blue Team and incident response team, network analysts, cybersecurity analysts (+), Security engineers, SOC engineers, and even our own Red Team and threat hunters that can be added on top of the SOC-service. 

In-House VS Outsourced Security Operations Centre

The question is often asked "Can I manage a SOC internally or should I outsource it?" To answer that question, you need to ask yourself two other essential questions: 

Can my IT team maintain 24/7 focus on cybersecurity?

A 24/7 focus may not be necessary in practice due to the application of AI technology, yet a SOC team is expected to intervene à la minute in the event of a potential threat. In most cases, alerts are only discovered after a few days or weeks, which means the damage may have been done. A SOC team monitors alerts and behaviors to take appropriate action immediately, this is vital to the service. 

Do I have enough knowledge and expertise about my own networks and the different technologies on the market?

How was the IT network configured, are there external factors like 3rd parties to consider, and how do information flows happen. Everything can have an impact on the optimal functioning of a SOC. Just like external factors such as new technologies or new threats. Starting from your own strengths and weaknesses is therefore essential, often an external party can make a better judgment of this. That is why we always start with a thorough analysis of IT systems, processes, and in-house expertise before proposing a solution. 

Advantages of Easi's SOC-solution

As a best-of-breed IT provider, we have expertise with the leading cybersecurity solutions in the market.

Our experts are trained monthly to keep up with the latest news and can be considered references in their field.

By managing multiple SOC environments, they also bring experience that can be quickly deployed when the need is most urgent. 

SOC team Easi

Easi is certified ISO 27001 for its SOC Services

We adopt a pragmatic approach whereby alerts and monitoring are linked to the right degree of expertise. Our team is managed by our own SOC manager, who maintains an overview and guarantees an efficient communication. 

SOC process explained

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