Why a Microsoft 365 Discovery Track

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft's Office applications don't need an introduction any more. Teams create, communicate, collaborate, and get great work done every day thanks to this suite of business applications. 

That's exactly a source of risk and a main reason why you should elaborate a well-thought governance around it: collaborators might end up creating and duplicating dozens of folders, files, collaboration spaces, multiplicating the use of storage, granting access to documents to external parties and even creating security risks. 

That's where our added value comes in the picture: we facilitate your digital transformation & empower your employees to become happy and more productive in a secure & well-managed Microsoft 365 environment. We can accompany you during each step of your Microsoft 365 journey to this happy, productive & modern workplace.

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Discover Your AI co-worker with Microsoft Copilot

Meet Microsoft Copilot, the revolutionary AI-powered assistant designed to transform your work experience and help you with your most complex challenges. 

Microsoft Copilot integrates with the entire Microsoft ecosystem and far beyond. This creates numerous opportunities, but these also come with a great deal of risk in terms of privacy and security.


Discover Copilot

Microsoft Copilot commands

Our offerings

Governance & support

Start from a Microsoft 365 discovery session and develop a complete governance plan for your Microsoft 365 environment, including trainings for end users and power users, end user support, cost savings and reducing cybersecurity risks.  

Productivity apps

Digitize your assets and automate your processes thanks to the M365 suite, with tools liks SharePoint, Teams, PowerApps, Power Automate, LogicApps, Power BI and others. Build intranet and content management solutions, or get your team ready for the future with Copilot and embrace your new AI co-worker. 

Security & Backup

Protect your data and ensure your business continuity! Start with a Microsoft 365 security audit and deploy a complete security governance roadmap including identity & access management, cloud or on-prem backups, device management & protection, mail protection, end user security awareness and much more. 

Licence optimization

Are you having difficulties in seeing clear in all the different types of Microsoft 365 licences? You are not alone! Our Microsoft 365 licence optimization track will make sure you only pay for what you actually use, and you get the most out of your licences.

Our approach

In general, customers call on us with two different needs: either there is a clear, well-defined project, or they come with a more general question: they know that something has to be done, but they don't quite know where to start.

In both cases, our pragmatic approach is what sets us apart, and we will propose an approach tailored to your specific needs. We won't create big bangs or propose time-consuming & costly studies, but come with a hands-on approach that delivers results. We'll accompany you with a complete 360° approach including analysis, roadmap definition, technical execution & change management. Our approach covers the Azure Cloud administration & security, over license optimization all the way to productivity apps & user adoption.

Hereunder you'll find a brief overview of our approach. Of course, no project is exactly the same. Please reach out to us to discuss your needs in detail. 


M365 Discovery & Transformation

Does the Microsoft365 ecosystem seem overwhelming at first? Are you lost? Or not sure if you’re using it correctly? Or to its full potential? Let us guide you! 

Things you can expect during the M365 Discovery & Transformation track: 

  • M365 starter assessments
  • M365 discovery workshops
  • M365 audits
  • M365 security audits
  • Admin and Backup analysis
  • Endpoint management analysis
  • File server migrations
  • Mail migrations
  • ... 

Microsoft 365 Governance

After the discovery stage, we'll elaborate a well-balanced governance roadmap to ensure a future-proof, well-managed O365 environment you can further build on. 

Such a Microsoft 365 governance plan can include policies for: 

  • Access rights management
  • Backup management
  • Endpoint management
  • Licencing management
  • Training for end users and key users
  • SLA's
  • ... 



Microsoft 365 collaboration and productivity

When the systems are correctly installed with a well-balanced governance plan, we can work on improving your productivity & collaboration thanks to the Microsoft 365 applications and tools: 

  • SharePoint 
  • Power Apps
  • Lists
  • Teams
  • ... 

Based on the applications and tools within M365, we will help you build collaboration platforms that fit your needs. All kinds of applications can be developed: content management, intranet solutions and so on. 


Microsoft 365 integration and automation

Do you want to further digitize your organization? Or move gradually from legacy systems into Microsoft365? Integrate and automate to improve efficiency? We’ve got plenty of experience to offer. Microsoft 365 disposes of tools that allow to automate a lot of daily tasks and can be integrated with virtually any other third party application. (CRM, ERP, Document Management, Accounting, ...). 

Our teams can help you setting up all kinds of automations thanks to the use of LogicApps, Power Automate and others. 

Nice to meet you!

Quentin Poncelet

Quentin Poncelet

Expert Business Consultant M365 solutions

"Over the years, I started to specialize more and more in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Often, the complexity of licensing within the Microsoft365 ecosystem is a quasi, inextricable tangle for customers that they find very difficult to clarify. It gives me great satisfaction to assist my customers in this respect and to ensure that they get the full potential out of their licences."

Roel De Graaf

Roel De Graaff

Team Leader M365

"In my role as Team leader Microsoft365, my team and I manage Microsoft365 projects for clients of all sizes and industries. In some projects our role is limited to one specific part, but the projects where we achieve the greatest customer satisfaction are those where we go through the entire process together with the client: starting with an analysis of the existing situation and needs, through a development and integration process to cloud administration, security and backups."

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