Your challenge

Your IT department is focusing on strategic IT projects but keeps receiving tons of questions from end-users. You know your end users are extremely important for your business, but they are delaying your IT team to work on projects on a higher level.

End User Support

How does it work?

Definition of your scope

Before starting any way of collaboration, our engineers will analyse your situation based on an initial briefing, and document as much as information as possible. This documentation will be the base for the future collaboration and will continue to evolve during the lifetime of the contract. The documentation will include the definition of the scope (what's included in the support services and what's not) and all kinds of technical information needed to execute the contract.  

Take-over of support services

After the scope definition and documentation of procedures, our team will start the take-over of the end user support for your IT environment. From that moment on, your end-users directly contact our support service whenever they have any issue. We will help them and keep track of the tickets. Documentation & procedures will be updated along the way and we will permanently strive to improve the collaboration between your teams and ours. 

Compose your own support level based on these building blocks

Ticketing management

Your end users get access to our extranet where they can add questions, exchange with our experts and follow-up the status of their ticket.

Remote support

Our system engineers take over the control of your end users’ computers to check settings and fix issues in real time.

Maintenance tasks

Upgrading Operating Systems and/or other software that runs on your end users computers can be left in the hands of our system engineers.

License management

Are you sure all your end users are running legally compliant software on their workstations? Our end user support team can keep an eye on it and act proactively if needed.

Computer park inventory

Struggling to keep a clear overview on all end points in your environment? We can make the inventory for you and keep it up-to-date as a service in our end user support contract.

Computer renting

Instead of purchasing endpoints for your users, you can also choose for a renting model. Contact us if you want to know more about this interesting way of disposing of recent IT material.

Usage Monitoring

You want to monitor the real usage of all your software licences and endpoints? We can provide this service in our end user support framework. 

Patching & updates

Be sure that all your end users always download & install the latest security updates and fixes! Via our end user support offering, we can either provide your end users with help while they do it, or we can do it for them - proactively.

Worry-free fixed price

The pricing of your end user support agreement will be fixed based on an estimation of the number of tickets created by your staff, and will be re-evaluated every 6 months. If your company creates less than 80% of the estimated number of tickets, the pricing will be decreased for the next period of 6 months. If your company creates from 80% to 119% of the estimated number of tickets, no action is taken. If your company creates more than 120% of the estimated tickets, the pricing will be reviewed and increased. You know you will never pay too much and can sleep on both ears. 

Your benefits

Stay focused

Concentrate your in-house people and skills on strategic, business critical projects and entrust support tasks to your partner.

Fixed price

Unlike most competitors, we prefer working in fixed-price mode. We believe this way of working is your best guarantee for your satisfaction.


Our end user support services go further than helping your end users when there is a problem. We go the extra mile to avoid the problem in the first place.

Optional services

Security Awareness Trainings

As part of your end user support agreement, we can optionally include awareness trainings for your end users about IT security. 

Endpoint protection

Our endpoint protection solutions can be deployed as an optional extra service in your end user support program. 


Our cloud-based antispam-as-a-service solution is a very popular extra option deployed by our end user support customers. 

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