Why would hackers target my business?

Your business has something they really want

Most of the time, hackers are in it for the money, and they know exactly what companies are willing to pay lots of money for: confidential data, financial information, personal data & intellectual property. These are the things that could bring them easy financial gain, so that's where they go after. Does your company process any of these types of data? Then you're a potential target for cybercriminals. There is not much you can do about this, except being well-prepared, having good protection in place but also detection & response capabilities. Is your organization well protected?
Do the test. 

Your business has known & exposed vulnerabilities

If you have known and exposed vulnerabilities, you have bigger chances of being attacked. Hackers make use of platforms that automatically scan the entire internet/dark web 24/7 and identify potential targets based on known vulnerabilities. You have no idea what hackers know about you! Wrongly configured or outdated systems, data breaches at customers or suppliers you might even not be aware of, ... All of this can and will be exposed online sooner or later, and it's only a matter of time before a cybercriminal will make misuse of it. This is where our CyberSecurity Watchlist service enters the game.

What does our Cybersecurity Watchlist Service offer?

EASI will permanently monitor your digital assets for you, so you can focus on your daily operations. The added value of the watchlist service lies in the interpretation of the data: whenever our specialists are alerted about potential cybersecurity risks, they investigate, interpret and validate the alerts. 

You will receive clear communication, with actionable data that you can use right away to manage & mitigate your risks.  

No more wasting of time trying to understand complicated, automatically generated warning messages from IT systems: what you receive is a clear communication that tells you what's the risk and what to do.

Watchlist cybersecurity service by EASI

What are the advantages of our Cybersecurity Watchlist Service?

Get alerted

When a new vulnerability is detected and referenced online, available to malicious people.

Get their visibility

See exactly what hackers know about you & discover what’s behind your public IP addresses.

Detect loose ends

Detect if you have exposed IOT devices (CCTV, Cameras, Digital screens, sensors …) or other end-point devices. 

Know what to do

Receive interpreted & actionable to do's to mitigate your risks before it's too late. 

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Starting from 99 € / month (*)

(*) This pricing is not a final offer and is based on the monthly recurring fee (one-time setup fee excluded) for an environment with < 10 public IP's and up to 5 domain names. Since we don't want our customers to pay too much (for example, for unnecessary resources), a final pricing will be determined by our sales rep after a personal conversation and an analysis of your needs. 

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