Easily store, share, and collectively edit files with Microsoft Apps 

Work like before, but now more efficiently. Connect OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and much more to build a content management system that really makes the difference within your team, and for your customers. 


Offer your employees the convenience of Onedrive for storing their personal documents, with or without (limited) collaboration functionality.



Use SharePoint for enterprise content and maximize productivity with built-in collaboration features. (co-authoring, versioning, etc.) 



Teams is the right place for project and department based content with advanced collaboration. Get your teamwork done by adding conversations on content or in channels. 


SharePoint CMS benefits

SharePoint is the perfect tool for streamlining and organizing content that lives withing your organization. Access control, collaboration features and compliance are integrated within the solution out of the box. Teams can work more productively and save time thanks to a well-orgnised & correctly governed CMS system based on SharePoint. Thanks to the convenience and the integration with other Microsoft apps, user adoption is very smooth.

Sharepoint Diagram

Compliance & governance

SharePoint allows companies to implement correct governance at almost all levels. Access rights & roles can be allocated in a very granular way. Co-authorship (working together with multiple people on the same file) as well as versioning are standard features while everything remains secured.

Integrations & automation

SharePoint is open for integrations & automations of all kinds (approval flows, integration with other Microsoft apps and/or external applications...). On top of that, it offers an adustable lay-out and Powerapps offers a low-code development plaftorm that helps developing custom apps. 

Intranet possibilities

Content on SharePoint is secured and available from all kinds of devices. It can also be synced to local, just like a network drive. Adding metadata to files, folders and items is a child's play. It's a perfect base for building an intranet solution.

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Sophisticated setup based on your needs

Starting with a clean sheet or migrating from an existing environment (File server, ERP or etc.), both are possible. Whether you wish to manage your documents in the cloud, on-premises or a mix of both: our experts know how to deal with your challenges. 

Make use of shared knowledge

With SharePoint's comprehensive content management, along with the valuable connections and conversations you can have in Teams, your organization can make the most of all the knowledge available. Let us lead the way in one of our Microsoft inspiration sessions. 

Put data and processes in motion

Transfer complex business processes relatively easily into convenient workflows within SharePoint: from simple push notifications to workflows that make data flow from the cloud to your CRM, ERP or other application. Power Automate provides an intelligent link between the past and future of business operations.


User adoption first 

Our approach focuses not only on the technical analysis and implementation but also on the user adoption. SharePoint environment can only become a success when your users get onboarded and start using it in their daily operations. For this, we use the ADKAR change management methodology that will guide you through your change management. 

This means that we are not only responsible for implementing your environment, but also for training (super) users and creating a dynamic around the implementation of your SharePoint environment. This way, everyone will make full use of it and there will be no uncontrolled sprawl of documents and information flows. 

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Governance & O365 backup

Enjoy a well-governed, future-proof SharePoint environment, based on security groups and a security matrix.

Licences optimisation

We provide monitoring of all licenses for optimal usage to make sure you are making the most of your licences. 


Our 360° approach means we cover the full package: Azure cloud administration & security, over license optimization all the way to productivity apps & user adoption.

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