Why IBM Power Systems on cloud?

IBM Power Systems have a strong reputation for reliability, security and longevity. There’s a very good chance that yours is still going strong after many years of faithful service. When choices have to be made about the renewal of this system, know that the cloud is an option! 

The IBM Power Systems platform is now available virtually, as a service, in Cloud2be. That means in a private, managed cloud offering, managed by EASI's specialists. 

It’s perfect for when your current infrastructure needs to be renewed, can’t keep pace with competitor and market demands, or if you want to offer products, services and solutions that require high computing power in a scalable model.

Cloud2be Ready for IBM Power on cloud
Hansea IBM Power i application modernization

“Managing servers is not one of our core competences. Therefore, we like to call upon the service and support of EASI to manage our IBM Power Systems infrastructure in the cloud. This also allows us to master the sharp increase in the number of users of our applications.”


Joris Larosse, CEO, Hansea

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By hosting your IBM Power environment in the cloud, you'll be able to work smarter and faster, with greater agility. 

Fast provisioning

Provisioning of new partitions or extra capacity can be done in minutes, vastly reducing downtime costs. 

Pay as you go

Pay only for what you use: if you use more or less resources, your pricing will follow the trend. 


Increase or decrease your available resources as you need it, for short or longer periods. 

Legacy Applications

Continue using your native IBM Power applications without having to maintain the infrastructure behind it.

High Availability

Your IBM Power Systems environment in the cloud is assured by Cloud2be's high availability measures. 

What makes us unique?

Allround IBM Power expertise

We can offer all types of services around the IBM Power Systems platform: infrastructure-related as well as application-related, security, support, training. We’re a 360° one-stop-shop for any IBM Power Systems user.

Flexible offering

Our approach allows our customers to build a tailor-made services agreement, with infrastructure, SaaS, backup & restore solutions, high availability, security, printing, system administration and/or application modernisation options.

Tailor made services

Every customer is different. That’s why we allow flexibility to customize our offerings where needed and define service levels specific to the customer’s needs. We combine cost efficiency with a service tailored to every individual customer.

Personal & result-oriented approach

We are known for our professional and result-oriented approach, thus developing strong, long-term partnerships with our customers. We know their specific environment and needs, and they know our people personally.

Located in Belgium

Our data centers are all located in Belgium. Your data will never leave the Belgian territory and we're easily reachable in case of questions. 

We are already helping them


"The services, skills, and experience of EASI's team were impressive."

Tip Top industrie

"By hosting our infrastructure in Cloud2be, we can focus on what we do best: running our business!"


"We trust in Cloud2be for our critical applications."


"Thanks to real-time data replication, both environments are constantly kept up-to-date."


"Within the sector, our applications are considered to be state of the art references."

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Other IBM Power services

Application modernization

Thanks to the use of web services, your functional but sometimes old-fashioned AS/400 applications can be web- & mobile enabled for a better user experience.


Syncsort's "Assure" portfolio (previously Cilasoft QJRN/400 and Cilasoft Controller) detect fraudulent activity on all system or database activity and bring power, flexibility, and readability to your IBM i access rules. 

Backup & Restore solutions

Based on your desired RPO & RTO, we can offer an adapted solution that fits your needs: Backup and Restore Tests, Cold Recovery Services or Quick Recovery Services

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