Your IT security challenge

The rise of smartphones, tablets and cloud applications has made corporate data increasingly being spread which has dramatically increased vulnerability to hacking.

Enterprises like yours need to focus on their core business and rely on specialists for the management and security of their IT environment and their data.

IT security services

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Network & Security Design

Endpoint security

A strong endpoint protection solution is key to reduce the attack surface of your Endpoints and thus your company. We provide efficient endpoint protection solutions that include behavioral analysis, traffic detection, exploit mitigation and deep learning to understand the processes running on your machine and ultimately to stop malicious activity.

Next generation firewalls

A Next Generation Firewall is a firewall that understands more than just source, destination, and ports: it can block or allow specific traffic to/from a certain destination based on the actual traffic. Implementing an NGFW means increasing security, without impacting productivity.

Wi-Fi Networks

Designing a suitable and scalable Wireless network is not just a plug and play story. Capacity, speed and safety are priorities. Whether you want to start from the ground up or optimize/troubleshoot your current setup, we can help. 

Security visibility

Penetration testing

Penetration testing (aka "ethical hacking") is a set of actions, performed by Certified Ethical Hackers from EASI, that will replicate malicious behaviors in order to check that your IT infrastructure or the defined scope is correctly protected and configured. If you want to use this service, we offer multiple options.

Forensics analytics

In case you've been hacked or touched by malicious cyberactivity, you'll want to know which weakness has been exploited. Pro-actively anticipating logging and analyzing behavior on your environment will allow for forensics analysis: looking for evidence in past events to determine the root cause/origin of the cyber threat.

Security audit

Our security audit, aka Systems Hardening Audits, leads to a detailed report that contains insights into your companies actual strengths, vulnerabilities and risks in terms of IT security. Our pragmatic and result-oriented approach provides quick-wins as well as structural recommendations for remediating the risks.

Vulnerability scanning

As part of the Vulnerability Scanning As A Service (VSaaS) solution offered by EASI, you are guaranteed to receive instant notifications (and recommendations!) on vulnerabilities that are impacting your IT systems and web applications. In addition, we'll think together with you to make sure your environments are pro-actively secured.


See your company through the eyes of a hacker & detect cyber threats as they do. Benefit from EASI's continuous cybersecurity monitoring, interpretation clear advice on how to tackle vulnerabilities before they get expoited. 

Governance & Compliance

CISO as a service

Your company needs a Chief Information Security Officer, or your actual CISO needs help? Through our CISO as a service offering, we can assist you in investigating how mature your company is in terms of security and help you in defining and implementing your security objectives.

ISO 27001

Whether it's for your own internal operations or to provide your customers with a greater degree of trust, an ISO/IEC 27001 certificate strengthens your data protection policy and provides a commercial advantage. We can assist and guide you in getting this certificate. 

GDPR readiness

The process of putting in place technical and organizational measures to comply with the GDPR obligations is a complicated issue for most companies. That's why we offer a pragmatic GDPR workshop. During the workshop we take a close look to your organization and guide you through the process.

User awareness

“I’ve taken all possible security measurements – Firewall, Antivirus, anti-spam, web filters, IDP & IPS, etc... Still, my data has been encrypted by a cryptovirus. What am I doing wrong?” Recognize yourself? Well, the answer is: you have forgotten your users! And we can help you developing and deploying security awareness campaigns for them.

Cyber Insurance

We're teaming with HDI to propose an innovative cyber insurance: EASI will put in place the necessary measures to prevent the risks. In return, HDI covers the remaining risk with an appropriate cyber-insurance policy. In the event of a successful attack, EASI provides an expert to help you limit the impact and restart your business as soon as possible. These repair services are fully covered by the cyber-insurance contract of HDI.

Data protection

How sure are you that your companies' data are correctly protected, backed up and that there is no use of shadow IT? The digital transformation and cloud applications introduced dozens of decentralized endpoints and cloud services in almost any company. Correctly securing this seems to be an impossible challenge. We can help.

Technologies & partnerships

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Our Security as a Service offerings

Anti-Spam as a Service

Free up to 95% of your bandwidth by removing spam and viruses before they enter your company. Our flexible ASaaS solution can handle multiple mail domains and -servers and will make your teams gain time and efficiency. 

Anti-Malware as a Service

Our next-generation endpoint protection solutions are also available in an "as a service" model. Enjoy the benefits of this modern protection service and only pay for what you really use! 

Vulnerability Scanning as a Service

Attackers are constantly developing new tactics to get access to your data. As a result, IT-teams receive huge volumes of data and static reports. Our VSaaS-offering can help them discover threats in time and act on them before it's too late.

Reverse Proxy as a Service

Prevent your web servers from being directly accessible from the outside, while boosting their processing speed and distributing the workload. 

Your benefits

Stay focused

Concentrate your in-house people and skills on strategic, business critical projects and entrust security matters to your partner.


You can work with us in multiple modes: simple on call performances, in Co-sourcing mode or in Managed Services mode with the addition of SLA’s.


We’re a trustworthy & healthy partner, in business for 20 years. Our yearly customer satisfaction surveys consistently reveal trust as a major reason for working with EASI.

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