About this workshop

This practical workshop offers a basic training for IBM i / RPGLE that focusses primarily on the modern free form version of RPGLE. The most important fix form operations are also explained.

In this workshop theoretical explications are alternated with practical exercises on your own IBM i environment, using the modern development tools Rational Developer for i and Access Client Solutions.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to write programs, procedures and service programs in RPGLE and SQLRPGLE. You write, compile, test and debug these programs using the extensive supporting features of the eclipse based development tool Rational Developer for i, the on-line help and the provided course materials. 

Skills to be learned

  • Learn to write RPGLE programs and procedures in service programs in full free form RPGLE and to compile and debug them using the Rational Developer for i development tool
  • Working independently and evolving using the support options of RDi, the on-line documentation and the provided course materials 
  • Appropriate working method for coding, compiling and testing RPGLE programs
  • Solving syntax and compilation errors independently

This workshop covers the following topics

  • IBM i basics (library, object, member, …)
  • RPGLE basics (definitions, operations, built-in functions)
  • Procedures, modules, service programs
  • Use of SQL in RPGLE
  • File operations in RPGLE
  • Some other operations (including fix form MOVE)
  • Control options
  • Exercises in free form RPGLE
  • Use of Rational Developer for i including Remote Systems Explorer, PDM perspective, LPEX editor, help functions, visual debugger, preferences, shortcuts, …

Course materials

  • Rational Developer for i: Handouts and presentation containing screenshots and examples
  • RPGLE: Handouts and presentation containing screenshots and examples
  • SQLRPGLE: Example program containing examples for different types of SQL functions


  • This workshop is open to any developer wanting to get started with RPGLE Programming


  • Some programming experience in any modern language
  • Recent version of Access Client Solutions installed on your PC
  • Recent version of Rational Developer for i installed on your PC
  • Connection available to your IBM i environment 


  • 5 days