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Eddie Stobart Europe is a transport company located in Genk. In Belgium, they specialise in car and freight transport. Since 2019, their 3 Belgian (Genk, Zeebrugge, Vilvoorde) and 2 foreign offices (Czech Republic and Bulgaria) use Cloud2be, EASI's cloud platform, for their IBM i and Intel applications.


Testimonial Eddie Stobart


What was the issue ?

Eddie Stobart Europe has an extensive application landscape, and they use both x86 and IBM i technology. So when their server infrastructure was due for renewal, we carried out an analysis with them. During these extensive exercises, we looked at the pros and cons of a cloud vs. on-premises policy, and at what would be the best and most beneficial solution for them.

What we have implemented?

After this exercise, a Managed Cloud environment was selected for the IBM i and x86 platform. In terms of connectivity, we opted to work with Destiny. They provide the connectivity, which our own connectivity specialists then manage.

What are the benefits today?

Now that the project is complete, Eddie Stobart Europe is experiencing tangible benefits today:

  • On the one hand, the company now enjoys complete peace of mind in terms of server infrastructure, maintenance and connectivity, which allows the company to fully focus on the application landscape.
  • In addition, they can rely on perfect budget forecasting for which EASI takes full responsibility.
  • Eddie Stobart Europe is a high-performance company that has experienced strong growth in recent years. The flexibility that this solution offers is a big plus: just consider how easy it is to add or remove resources, for instance.
  • Finally, today Eddie Stobart Europe also has a cloud environment that is both IBM verified and VMware verified, which is helpful as this provides opportunities to use the majority of VMware services in the cloud.

Why did Eddie Stobart Europe choose EASI?

"When as a company you opt to outsource your IT infrastructure, it is important that trust is well established. Our environment consists of both IBM i and VMware. The expertise that EASI demonstrated during the design phase was the deciding factor for us, and this is only confirmed by their status as IBM cloud verified partner and VMware cloud verified partner. As a result, in combination with Managed Services, we now enjoy complete peace of mind."

- Roland Hendrikx, IT manager