What is Tenant Migration?

Tenant migration involves transferring data, users, and services from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another. This process is necessary to streamline operations and consolidate resources, while also guaranteeing the security of your data.

These projects primarily stem from structural changes within your business or organization, such as:

  • Business acquisitions and mergers
  • Restructuring or divestitures of business units
  • Geographical reorganizations
Tenant Migration

Our Approach


Assessment Phase

Assessing is the critical first step in a successful tenant migration, as it sets the foundation for a smooth, secure and efficient migration process.

This phase involves:

  • a thorough analysis of the current environment, including a detailed inventory of existing resources and configurations.
  • interviewing key stakeholders to understand their requirements, identify any potential challenges and define security requirements.
  • mapping the migration scope and determining the most suitable migration method.

The goal is to produce an accurate overview of the exact scope, including the services and licenses required, ensuring that all aspects of the migration are planned for and secure, and nothing is overlooked. 


Migration Phase

This is where the actual transfer of data and configurations takes place:

  1. It begins with setting up the basics, such as access to the source and destination tenants and configuring the Active Directory, thus taking care of securing access security.
  2. Data import follows, involving the creation of user accounts, mailboxes, and necessary licenses, as well as setting up SharePoint sites and OneDrive.
  3. The core of this phase is the migration itself, ensuring that all data, from mailboxes to SharePoint and OneDrive, is accurately and securely replicated in the new environment.
  4. We also make the mail flow switch, which ensures that all inbound and outbound mail traffic is preserved during the transition.
  5. Finally, end-user devices are reconfigured to work seamlessly and securely with the new environment, either automatically with a tool or manually by your IT team. 

Post actions

Finally, we focus on finalizing the migration and ensuring all systems are functioning correctly and securely. Overall, this phase entails:

  • reconfiguring client systems and providing support for any issues that may arise.
  • continuous monitoring, which is essential to address any client or Microsoft 365 issues promptly.
  • dedicated engineers being on standby to resolve any problems and ensure a smooth and secure post-migration experience
  • the use of a ticketing system to help manage and track all support requests, confirming that nothing is missed, and all issues are resolved efficiently.

This ensures that the migration is not only successful, but also sustainable in the long term, providing a seamless and secure experience for all users.


To establish a successful tenant migration, a single point of contact oversees the entire project, providing clear communication and coordination among all project teams. This person makes sure that all steps are followed meticulously, that any issues are promptly addressed and that data security is maintained at every stage.

Our structured approach not only helps in avoiding potential pitfalls, but also in achieving high satisfaction levels from all stakeholders involved, while optimum security for the migrated data.

Microsoft 360° service approach by Easi

Enhancing you Migration

By incorporating Microsoft Intune and Windows Autopilot into our migration strategy, we ensure that your devices are not only migrated but also securely managed and efficiently set up in the new tenant environment.

Microsoft Intune

Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution that simplifies app and device management across all your devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and virtual endpoints. During a tenant migration, Intune helps to seamlessly apply new security policies, configurations, and compliance settings, ensuring all devices are managed consistently in the new tenant environment.

What is intune?

Windows Autopilot

Autopilot is service that streamlines the deployment and configuration of new devices. Autopilot can pre-configure and set up new devices to be ready for use right out of the box, significantly reducing the time and effort required for IT staff. This is especially beneficial during tenant migrations, as it ensures that new and existing devices are configured to the new tenant’s specifications without extensive manual intervention.

What is Autopilot?

Our partnerships

With 30 years of experience and a proven migration methodology, Quest has established a track record of success. Their tool suite is backed by award-winning, experienced professional services and a vast partner community. As a trusted Quest partner for migration, we can rely on 24x7 global support when needed.

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As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are highly accredited as a Microsoft Services Provider who offers a broad range of expertise skills around Microsoft technologies (O365, Microsoft365, Teams, Sharepoint, Power BI and Azure), as well as quality backup and security solutions. 

Gold Microsoft Partner

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