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This advanced course is designed for those individuals who are responsible for operating and managing the operation of an IBM i - System i.


Before taking this course, a student should be able to :

  • Perform basic system operations such as starting and stopping the system; sending and receiving messages; saving and restoring objects, libraries, and user profiles; and executing CL commands
  • Describe an interactive job and a batch job
  • Use help facilities
  • Describe basic security concepts
  • Monitor devices
  • Initiate problem determination

What will you learn?


This course is designed to enhance the skills of an IBM i - System i System Operator. In this class, we will explain the concepts of how LPAR works and discuss the functions provided by the HMC. We will review the tools available to implement user and resource security.

This course will help you to develop additional skills in the areas of work management and CL programming using the traditional application development tools PDM and SEU; then, you will learn how to use the GUI tools in RDi (RSE and LPEX) to create a basic CL program. You will also learn the steps to create a menu using SDA. You will learn some tips that you can use to help improve your IBM i - System i operations. We will discuss the different strategies that can be implemented to save your system and review the tools and menu options that can be used to save the system.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Explain the concept of how LPAR works
  • Explain the functions served by the HMC
  • Explain how user versus resource security are implemented
  • Describe the security tools available to implement security
  • Describe the performance tuning process on the system
  • Perform the steps to create a basic CL program using both the traditional (PDM and SEU) and the newer GUI (RSE and LPEX) application development tools
  • Perform the steps to create a menu using SDA
  • Provide some tips on how you can improve your operations
  • Describe different strategies to save the data on your system
  • Explain the tools and menu options available to save and recover your system
  • Perform problem analysis and resolution on your system
  • Describe the features and capabilities of Management Central
  • Overview of LPAR and HMC basics
  • IBM i - System i security overview
  • Work management and performance
  • CL programming using traditional development tools
  • CL programming using RDi (RSE and LPEX Editor)
  • Create a menu using SDA
  • Tips for improved operation
  • Back up and recovery of the IBM i - System i
  • Problem determination
  • Management Central overview

EASI is an official training provider, recognised by the Flemish government's 'KMO-portefeuille'.