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The need

Uniformity in the hardware configuration, working remote and overall security. 

The solution

Introducing a modern workplace and proactively managing the full IT environment.

The advantage

A partner who is completely up to date on the latest state of affairs. 

The requirements

Christ Segers and Filip Litaer, CEOs at Belconfect, explain their need for a durable IT partnership: "The necessity had multiple layers: As a growth company, we were looking for a certain uniformity in our hardware configuration. On top, there was the demand from staff members to be able to work more remotely." 

"And it goes without saying, the security of our systems was paramount", adds Filip. "The IT landscape is evolving so fast, we really needed someone in our corner."

Belconfect 1

Why Easi?

"Above all, the added value that Easi offers is the complete unburdening. We can fully concentrate on our core business, while they take care of the flawless configuration of our hardware.

This was quickly apparent in the following: 

  • There is a good understanding at management level, as we notice that Easi is a no-nonsense company, just like Belconfect. 
  • Our dedicated System Engineers are there for us at all times. 
  • Equally important is the uniformity in the equipment being used. Easi keep everything up to date.

Furthermore, we were pleasantly surprised by the quarterly reporting, which serves as a dashboard with a clear overview. Each time, it shows us how far we are in our current configuration, compared to where we started and to our desired situation.

For a growing company like Belconfect, it's nice to work with a respected player who is completely up to date on the latest state of affairs. 

My words of advice as a business manager would be to focus on your core business and leave the matters such as the management of the IT system to a specialist who ensures that it is optimally secured", concludes Filip.

"The IT landscape is evolving so fast. It's nice to work with a respected player who is always up to date on the latest state of the art."  

Filip Litaer - Chief Executive Officer, Belconfect

Belconfect HQ

Things in common

The steady partnership between Easi and Belconfect is reflected in the many similarities between the two companies. 

  • At the head, you will find a CEO dyad: for Belconfect being Christ Segers and Filip Lietaer, and for Easi being Thomas Van Eeckhout and Jean-François Herremans.
  • Both companies aim for long-term relationship with its clients, in which quality, people and continuous improvement are important.
  • At every step of doing business, both hold on to their core values. The common ones are caring for customers and other stakeholders, excelling in quality and maintaining a positive team spirit
  • We value social responsibility. How Belconfect does that, you read here. How Easi does it, read here