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Régine Mynsberghe, Office Manager, tells us a little bit more about their collaboration with Cloud2be.

Why EASI? 

"The collaborative relationship with EASI got off to a start with the renewal of our IT infrastructure. As the systems we were using were outdated we were faced with the choice of investing in new better-performing models or opting for a cloud solution. After a detailed analysis, we found that Cloud2be was the only one that could offer us a tailor-made cloud computing solution."

Why Cloud2be? 

"We selected Cloud2be because as well as proposing a technical solution, it also contributed to new ideas and really helped us from a strategic perspective. Unlike other cloud providers, Cloud2be is operated by genuine experts, who are close at hand and can actually be reached, and help us to make the right decisions. We also think it is important for our data to be located in our home country."

"Our organisation does not really have a fully operational IT department. Due to a shortage of in-house IT skills, we were faced every four years with the difficult question of deciding what kind of infrastructure we should invest in. We now rely on Cloud2be: consequently, we are sure that we can always have the latest technologies without the need to have in-house expertise for this purpose. Another major advantage is that we pay only for the capacity we actually use, whereas before we were using only a few percents of the capacity available to our servers."


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