With more than 150 experienced professionals, 33 partners and 6 offices, the audit and financial expertise firm RSM Belgium needed to find the right partner to be able to send massive data volume to their customers. Laurent Van der Linden, auditor and partner at RSM Belgium, shares his testimonials about SmartDrive’s implementation and utilization within his company.

A tailor-made installation

“Already EASI customer for its CRM Software SmartShare, RSM naturally contacted the Belgian IT firm to create a tailor-made transfer & storage files software. We were looking for a secured and performant software to exchange big data to with our customers and partners. We wanted a personalized product, more efficient that the ones you can easily find online.

RSM went for SmartDrive without hesitating thanks to its personalized pop-ups and messages possibilities, its easy installation process and its quick integration to our collaboration software. The installation went smoothly and fast: all the messages could be branded in time to offer a personalized experience to each user.”

The evident choice of a Belgian company

“The fact that the consultants are based in Belgium is another positive aspect of our experience with the product. In case of emergency, we know we can quickly and easily reach EASI. One of their consultant can be at our offices in a few minutes. We don’t need to spend the day on the phone to explain our problem or try to figure a solution out.

That’s really precious for us!”

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